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Hey folks.


I've been doing a fair amount of mechanical modelling lately, and have been finding myself re-creating the same basic shapes and objects over and over. So, I've decided to start a 'Greebles' library, where I can create re-usable parts, put them into a library and have them within easy reach whenever I need them.


I've created a library and was hoping some of you could check it out to make sure it works properly for you. The folder structure is based on the default folder structure that Animation Master installs with. You can either unzip the file into the default Animation Master folder (where Master.exe resides) with the option turned on the create or use the existing folders. You can also copy the files manually providing you put them in the folders as specified in the readme.txt in the zip file.


Currently, there are 22 'pipe' greebles, 11 of them as hollow pipes and 11 of them as solid pipes. They consist of straight pipes, bends, joints, etc.


I plan to add to the library as I go along, adding things like switches, panels, doors, etc.


Currently, we have a folder for models and materials. I wasn't sure if this should go under models or not. Or is it possible to have a Libraries folder?


Thanks in advance...






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Your Greebles will be very useful. :)


You are definitely heading in the right direction with your Library.


Thanks Al!


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Thank you so much...

I really like these "primitive" (not so primitive at all) approaches and standard-elements...


Thank you very much!


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