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Webcomic Artist/Partner Wanted

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Remedial Comics launched in January and since then we have had some great times. We have done a guest comic for "Questionable Content" which garnered our site over 90 thousand hits in one weekend and we have published dozens of comics of our own gaining mention at other sites and a small (but devoted) regular audience.


Our site is set, our forums are set, even our advertising is set.


Unfortunately our artist doesn't feel he can make the commitment anymore.


Life gets hectic. That's the way it goes.


I'm the writer of the on line comic "Remedy" which is hosted at Remedial Comics and I'm looking for a new artist to take over for the fellow who's life has gotten too complicated.


The website is here - http://www.remedialcomics.com/


Please take a look at it.


There is currently no compensation for the art you will draw. NO COMPENSATION.


The money we recieve from advertising is used to advertise the site.


That said, our comic has done VERY well for the short time it has been on line. There are definite possibilities.


When we reach a year's worth of comics we will explore printing and selling books, attanding conventions and at that time there is a good chance that there will be money made and if you are a part of our team you will recieve a share of it. We have an agreement in place to split any funds made by the comic in much the same way music acts split album royalties.


We can discuss the financial arrangements later though. Right now the site has cost me far more than it has ever earned (and I have funded nearly all of the initial investment that got the site going and will continue to do so).


If you think you might be interested in drawing Remedy, can take direction from a script, can turn in three color comics a week in digital form and are in the United States (so you can attend comic conventions) then please contact me.


Send an e-mail to rob@remedialcomics.com


Please include links to samples of your work; please check out our site so you have some idea as to what you will be drawing and those that submit samples of our characters drawn by them will be highly preferred.


I have big plans for this company. If you want to go along for the ride be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work. But it's also a lot of fun. ;)

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