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Missing Left Foot Controller?

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It appears that I only have one foot controller installed, and it moves both feet during translation. Is it possible that it is merely turned off somewhere? Or maybe t I left out a step in the instructions? I'm attaching a screenshot.


I'm assuming user error first... ;)





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Nope, it's not user error. This is the same problem I had after running the MirrorBones plugin. The rig is probably missing 2 other nulls as well. If you post the model or e-mail it to me, I'll fix it.


When I run the plugin, with just the rig, it mirrors the rig correctly. But, it appears that when cp assignments and weighting have been done, it doesn't mirror the rig correctly.


I didn't have this problem with an earlier version of the plugin.


I'll have to setup a test model for Steffen to look at.

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Here you go. Let me know if there are any more problem.


Awesome!! Sorry it took so long to respond, I've been slammed with work. I still haven't tested the model, but I'll get around to it in the AM perhaps. Thanks again for taking the time to fix it.


Would it be rude to ask that you remove the download link to the model? I have yet to determine whether it is good enough for the project that's spinning around in my head. If I end up using it, then it may become copyrighted. If not, then I may offer it to the community after it's completed. Right now it is a nude model, so maybe it isn't proper that it's available for download? Not sure.


What is the general rule of thumb for project files that are uploaded at the request of the person offering their help? I certainly do not want to step on any toes... again. :D



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