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2008rigInstall into Jake`s Simplerigman

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Hi Mark,


This is what I have got so far:


CP asignment still needs some corrections in hand and foot and especially in the shoulder.

(Maybe you can tell me to which spline ring I should best attach the shoulder fanbone? )


Also there are resulting some unassigned cps at the left side and some showing bones in the left leg and a strange thing with the footcontroller.


-Is this due to the problem with the mirrorbones-plugin?


- Maybe I shouldnt have moved the right foot controller null to the middle of the right foot in the front view before installing?


Also I wanted to add some bones for the "headtail" with dynamic constraint.

These bones strangly disappeared during the installation process.

When will be the right time to add these?


I enclose the model in three different states and some pictures to illustrate the issues.


Thank`s a lot for your help.







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Jake, I took a quick look and there are a few issues (scaling bones in the fingers and thumb). There is a bone in the foot that is out of position (Right Foot Controller Target) You did not have to move the Right Foot Controller, that's what the target bone is for. The Right Foot Controller being out of position (in an action after export) is the constraint issue I posted about and posted a new update to the installer. The only bones you need to manipulate, during the installation, are the bones I tell you to in the instructions. Tell me which is the most current version you posted of the model and I'll fix it.


The dynamic bones got hidden after you ran the InstallRig plugin, since they do not have "Geom" in the name. They're still there, just hidden. I would set them up after you install the rig, but it doesn't really matter. You just need to make sure you parent them to the Head_Geom bone.


I haven't had time yet to look at the MirrorBones and CFA issues in v15 yet. The updated installer works fine for me in v13 and v14. I have to install v15 to do some testing.

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IMO, if the model is CFA correctly by A:M and the user, it shouldn't need a tolerance change in the plugin. In fact, it shouldn't need a tolerance at all. But yes, upping the tolerance should work, though I'm not sure if that would fix the issue with not mirroring the fan bones.

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Jake, I installed v15 and updated to v15e. I went to Steffen's site and DL'ed the latest MirrorBones plugin and placed it in the HXT folder for v15. Opened your model and ran the plugin with no problems. All the bones mirrored correctly and assigned cps correctly. As you can see from the image, everything worked as expected.


What OS are you using? Web or CD?


I'm on XP with the CD version of A:M, but that shouldn't make a difference.


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  • 1 month later...

Hi Mark,


After quite a while I came back to my project and completly redid it from the beginning

and got stuck again when trying to mirrorbones.

Some cps don`t get asigned.

I have no explanation.

Even uping the tolerance to 1.5 made no difference.

I enclose the model before and after mirroring.

Maybe you can find something?


I am on Win XP with 15eWeb




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I don't know what to tell you Jake. I ran the plug-in 6 times and every time it mirrored correctly. I even tried it in different versions of A:M and it still mirrored correctly. I'll keep looking to see if I find something.


Do you have the latest MirrorBones plug-in?

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Yes, I have the latest plug-in and I also tried it with a different character.

Same result.

Mainly the toes and fingertips are affected.


Things that come to my mind I could try:


Reinstall AM 15e web.


Try , if its the same on my laptop-computer.


Maybe do I have to use RMWeight before hand?

Did you use that on my ST1 model?


Ask, if anybody else here has a similar problem?


It`s things like this, which throw me off my drivingseat and lead to longer intervalls

in my efforts.

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Jake, are you *sure* the left half of your model mirrors the right half exactly? And that the model is centered at 0 on the X axis? If you select the right half of your model and choose "Mirror Selection" from the right-click menu, does every cp on the Left side become highlighted. The MirrorBones plugin works great for me, so I am scratching my head as to why it is not working for you.

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Jake, both model are before running the plug-in. You did not post the after.


I tried about 6 more times using different settings in the plug-in and it still mirrors correctly.


Can you post a screen grab of the plug-in settings you are using?

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>You did not post the after.


Here it is. and a screenshot of the settings.

I tried some more times with no succsess:

reinstalled 15e Web and got newest mirrorbones plug-in again.

Made sure the "mirrored selection" button is off, deleted the head tail

all with no difference.

The model itself is all symetrical.


(Still have to doublecheck on another computer).




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That did the trick!

Mark, thank you so much!!!


What would I do without your invaluable help and this great forum...


Now up to further investigation as soon as I find the time.


Thanks again


:>) Jake

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