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Balance Right Foot bone

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I have a question about the placement of the "Balance Right Foot" bone: I noticed that there is nothing in the instructions about translating it on the Z axis (from a side view) to the base of the Right Foot Geom, so is it supposed to be out in front of the model? Or have I missed something?





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Yes, it is suppose to be out front, it only needs the Y (translation of the "Balance INSTALL" bone) and X (scale of the "Balance INSTALL" bone). It's a visual target that positions other hidden bones in the rig as well. It will get repositioned after you export the model from an action. The null has a translate limit that doesn't allow Y translation in the action when exporting, so it needs the Y translation when positioning the rig. The X translation positions other bones.


So, don't worry about it, the Z translation is taken care of in the action when exporting. ;)


I would recommend redoing the leg install, you have bones out of position (thigh too high, knee too low and maybe ankle too low as well).

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