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Eye tutorial request

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I have read and read and still do not know how to get my eyes to look at the null.

can someone please please make a tut only for rigging eyes?

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brief explanation


- place a bone in each eyeball with the start at the very center and the end poking out thru the middle of the pupil


- associate all the CPs in each eyeball to its respective bone


-you have the null out in front of him already


-RMB in model window and create a new ON/OFF pose


-in the new pose window, select one of the eye bones, RMB>New COnstraint>Aim At. Choose the Null with the eyedropper


-Do the same for the other eye bone.


close the pose window. You may want to rename the pose in your model properties ("eye aiming" ?)


when you have the model in your chor, select it and turn this new pose ON in the pose slider window.


the eyes should follow the null now. You may need to move it quite a way away to avoid a cross eye look.

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