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AMv13 2008 Rig Installer


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One of these days I will have to try to install one of these facerigs that work with Luuks program.


I am a bit frightened because its so difficult and the few instructions.

and I will have it to combine with my TSM rigs

So I guess there is enough interest but its kind of the hen - egg problem, what has to be there first: instructions - interest, interest: instructions.

Oops , hope you can still follow me.


Also will the Transfer_AW plugin can simplify weighting complex meshes be suitable for simplifying the faceweigthing?

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I don't have much of an installer for the face rig and no instructions. The rig is fairly easy to install, but the weighting is the killer, it takes alot of time. I can install it in about 15mins, but the weighting probably takes longer than the weighting for the 2008 rig.

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I'm taking my first stab at using this rig, but the first thing I noticed is that MirrorBones doesn't show up in my plugin wizards. It's in the hxt folder, and I've tried tricking it into appearing by throwing some bones in my model, but it won't show up. I see some other folks had a prob with this earlier. I'm using v. 17a on a pc.


EDIT:Never mind, got it.

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