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limit bone rotation?

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Use an euler limit constraint to limit the rotation using the min/max settings within the constraint.


In a pose, action or chor, right click on the bone you want to limit and select new constraint.

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whats the easiest way to limit bone rotation. i see something about euler but not sure where or how to apply. am i to do it in smart skin mode?


rotation limits are a constraint you apply in a pose window. make a new ON/Off pose. Select the bone, then NewConstraint>Euler limits

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here i have used smart skin mode and applied the euler constraint. you can see my settings. and in the action window the arm bone is holding. i assume that if its working in the action window then maybe it will be ok in a chor. will have to test. being really ignorant when it comes to rigging i hope this is at least one proper method to go about it....your advice would be welcome.


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