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Will anyone be interested in creating a japanese animation fully in 3d

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I have beeing using Animation Master for about 4 years but intenselly for the last six months.


I really have the desire to create a japanese animation (Anime)fully in 3d with Animation Master.


Actually, I already had almost everything done needed for the first short episode. I firmly believe that one person can do it all.

But Darn it. I lost it all, I even lost nice models that took me a long time to refine.


I had a problem with my operating system and in the process of recovering my work an error occurred.


For the animation what I had done was a basic model of a japanese man in order the tweak it and make more models out of it, and a big japanese entertainment house as the place were the event's were going to take place.


The place was set with the lights and everything, I even developed a method for creating cubic maps images, so I did not need to render the environment for every frame but only 6 frames per camera position (I still know how to do it).

The basic model was rigged and ready to tweak and get more models out of him.



This was going to be made as an example of what I am capable of doing in 3d and to show to companies in order to get a job. Because, I tell you I have use 3D studio max and I have tried Maya, Blender and seen others but no matter how much they talk about how good those programs are or that they are the leading softwares in the industry if Hash keeps on all the way it's going to Eat Them ALIVE..


There is no program as easy and as intuitive as Animation Master. And if in Animation Master one person can do it fairly quickly imagine what a can group of people do.


In four days I had the base model ready and rigged(with close too). And I had made him with the list possible control points in the face for very easy posing


The japanese buildings took me 5 days.


I also created some weapons and room objects.



Is anyone interested on doing something like this.


Actually I think it will be a good thing to do as a project like TWO, but it may be a loot easier because anime stile models have none or much simpler texture plus the geometry does not need to as dense as other stiles of 3d. Plus the animation is not as complicated neither.


And it can be done very artistic.


This was the general story.


The story is about Zatoichy (the blind swordsman) I was inspired by the movie that came out in japan in 2004, it was very artistic.

But I was just going to use a blind swordsman too, but of course with a different story, and a loot of comedy(I love comedy)


This were the only images I could recover from this project that I lost.


This screen shot is from the animation that I was starting to make. The interiors were final but the model of the guy is the basic model so I did not get to tweak it and make other models. Here I was ising the technique I developed that renders 6 pictures of the environment only per camera shot( of course it has limitations, even though you can rotate the camera 360 degrees and everything will be there you can only translate the camera very little)




This one is an ambient occlusion render of the outside of the building before I applied textures and ligth.



So If anyone is interested please say something because my time is short because I am about to get a job.

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I would be interested in helping with some of the animation. Though I would like some more detail before committing. Do you have storyboards? I think I got the instance of this just being a personal project, right? What length in total are you looking at right now?

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You are the first person I've seen post one of these requests that not only had pictures of stuff already modelled, but really good stuff to boot. No matter what happens, keep at it, keep posting your pics, and keep asking for help. This looks like something that could go somewhere.


If I wasn't waaaaay busy with school, I'd volunteer in a heartbeat.

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About 5 minutes long because is the first animation that I will be working on. But it can be enlarged latter on.

Yes it was a personal project. I have a very rough storyboard, because I actually never practiced drawing, I can draw something good but it will take me a very long time. My strength is in 3d modeling and story(comedy) creativity.


The story I have includes comedy and fight scenes but with no actual killing but knoking and mostly using small hot sauce pacages to blind enemies(by throwing them in the air and slicing them). And yes there is some destruction.


I actually Was working before in another animation with a model of Iron Man that I had made. But I realized that I had gone to far, there was to much texturing, modeling and destruction for one person to do it all. It became a burden so I decided to simplify it and focus more on stile and art than in technical stuff.


I will be posting a video, in here, that I was able to recover after my computer crashed of the Iron Man animation I was working on.


Just to show it is possible to do an animation with one person and two even better.


It requires:

1)Sticking to it




But Must of all enthusiasm

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So here is the rough animation I was working on about Iron Man and me. Remember this is a rough that needed to be refined in order to be good.

But I am showing it because I lost must the data and that's the only thing I can do with it, show it even if it's not completed.

Iron Man's models was tweked latter on to make it more plesant to my liking because his helmlet looked like a gorilas head and other things too.

Any way enjoy.



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