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Hi Mark,


>Boy, this is a tough crowd. No comments, nothing to say? Is Ken, David and Nancy the only people interested in the rig? I'm starting to think I'm wasting my time. I had plans for face controls using expressions and an installation rig, but why bother. I don't need the rig, this was for the community to use, so with no interest, there's no reason to continue.



So I try to answer you here.


Until now I use TSM but I find your handmovies very impressive!


So please continue your efforts!


I think, what would be quite usefull for beginners, would be an rough overview somewhere about the pro and cons of the most used

riggs like for instance:


2001 Rigg: + > easy to install and use Marks Rigg: + > good to use, very good hands

- > simple, outdated , no facerigg - > no installer yet



TSM Rigg: + > easy to install, very flexible SquetchRigg : + > very advanced, face rigg

- > (?) - > (?)


Maybe you heavy users can say more about the pro and cons?



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