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Eye Modeling Tutorial


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I posted a video tutorial showing how Bertram's eyes were modeled here.


In order to keep the Tutorials thread for this project easy to navigate, I'm going to have the comments/critiques/corrections for each in a different location with links to the actual tutorials.


The ZIP file includes a twelve minute and twenty-five second H264 encoded Quicktime video tutorial, an example eye model and the iris map for the example model.


This is an updated version of a tutorial I did several years ago, so, it may look familiar to some people. I have changed the way I'm making eyes slightly and didn't have a full video tutorial with audio posted, so I decided to post this update. I'm also using this as a "dry run" for how I'll be putting together the updated Squetch Rig installation tutorial.


If you have any comments, critiques, questions or corrections, please post them in this thread. Hopefully, the tutorial is helpful to someone.




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That is a really great tut.

I was looking for better specularity and surface settings.


I know when I was making an eye model it was difficult to find an iris decal I liked.

Recently I found some on the net and thought I would make them available if anyone would like them.

The zip file contains 21 different iris'.


Most were found on these two sites.





I hope they are helpful to someone.


post-10558-1230443672_thumb.jpg iris.zip

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Watched your tutorial...d'loaded the eye. Your presentation is very professional- I beg for more!


The next set of tutorials will be a lot better presentation...I went with scripting things out first instead of describing things on-the-fly. The ones I'm working on are all Squetch Rig related and will be packaged together. I've been working on updating/improving the rig, so most of the tutorials are waiting until I get things locked down. With my free time severely limited this year, it is taking me a lot longer to get done than I'd like, but things are still slowly rolling forward. I'm probably going to have a very big burst of releases...I just don't know when yet.

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I appreciate anyone who takes the time to put a nice tutorial together like this. Thanks David! If I knew what I was doing I would try to contribute some tutorials myself but therein lies the problem ... I have no idea what I am doing at times. Thanks again ...



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