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John Bigboote


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This just came across my radar...http://spotrunner.com/ A light-bulb went on in my head...


HAVE YOU EVER saw a TV commercial on your cable TV for a local business? Have you ever thought 'I could make a better spot than that.' Have you ever wondered how to get a TV spot aired thru your local cable system and how much it would cost?


http://spotrunner.com/ is a web service solution that may be an opportunity for revenue for some of us. Your 3D experience, and video technical expertise may appeal to some of your local businesses. And having all the answers and being able to present various airtime packages would complete the picture.


MOST low-budget TV commercials are made using poorly shot, poorly lit, poorly edited video footage. What else is there? Animation. Graphics.


If you feel your NTSC editing skills, and animation ability are worthy...and you have the 'where-with-all' to write a :30 script... can work with music and record and edit audio, and lastly and maybe most importantly...put on a nice suit and smile and make 'cold calls' on local merchants, fully prepared for a big NO... but ready to pounce on a 'maybe'...


Restaurants...car dealers...music shops...barbers...dentists and doctors...auto repair... the list goes on and on of the small businesses you can help while putting some cash in your pocket.


Check out Spot Runner.




EXAMPLE: Here's a spot I did last summer 'on the side' using Hash and After Effects. I feel the quality is better than most cable ('Hi folks, c'mon down to...') type spots. AND, it proved to be a quick-build and nicely lucrative piece. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP4xpeqaifI


Good luck. JBB

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