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uploading files

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I have been trying to upload my recent video as a quicktime (28mb) with no luck. I hit the upload button and it says "uploading", and I hang. I tried letting it go for 30 min (I am on high speed), I tried both ie and Firefox. I even tried a zip file instead. I'm stumped, but usually that's because I'm being stupid. Any thoughts?

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If your are talking about the forum uploads there are forum limits placed on uploading.

You may have to contact has to increase your limits.


It use to be that uploads where limited to 1MB.

Most forums got an increase to 5MB a year or so ago.

It might also be that you have reached your quota for uploading. When this happens generally we have to remove an old file or two... then we can upload.


Then there is always the file type but... it sounds like you've got that angle covered.


28MB is pretty big for an attachment in the forum.

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