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NON-Profit Independent Film Needing Help

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Greetings to all who read this.


I want to be upfront that what I am asking to do is unpaid work. We are a small amateur film making company that's currently in post production with our movie "IKARI" we are in need of someone to do a logo for our company. Something really catching that comes across as maybe slightly japanese and even a bit magical.


The title of our company is: JUIGADOR PRODUCTIONS


And our quick hand logo is: JG


I have posted links below of our website and so forth and hope that someone on here whom may have some free time be able to lend a hand.


Anyone who helps out in the making of this film will recieve full credit for the work they do.


Thank you for your time.




If interested please reply to my email and not the forum: juidar@yahoo.com


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