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2001 rig with Squetch hands

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These are modified 2001 Rigs that have the hand controls from the Squetch Rig...there is a five finger and four finger version in the ZIP file.


To install, set up the 2001 Rig bones as you would normally, use translate mode, scale mode and rotate mode to move the red "right_hand_INSTALL" and "left_hand_INSTALL" bones so that they are in the same position and size as the "Right Hand" and "Left Hand" bones, position the hand bones as you would while installing them in the Squetch Rig (the process is shown in the installation videos that are linked to on the Wiki page), run the "InstallRig" plugin (included in the ZIP) and then assign CP Weighting. For the Squetch Rig hand bones, assign the weighting to the "geom" bones.


This should work for v11.1 to the present version.


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