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Hi David


First off thanks for uploading the updates. I have just downloaded the new files. Are there new instructions on the install process?


The instructions should be the same, Steve. There were just a couple of small things that needed tweaking.

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Here is an update to the Squetch Rig installations and a long overdue update to Squetchy Sam. The main change in the rig is that the toeIK moves the entire foot when rotating instead of just the toe. The installation remains the same, but I decided to put all the instructions in the same post so it's easy to find. Sam has the changes in the rig added, some modeling changes and quite a bit of SmartSkin added to the shoulders...I also had to rebuild the other SmartSkins due to the modeling changes.


If anyone finds a problem, let me know and I'll fix it as quickly as possible.






These files were deleted, the updates are in the next post.








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Here is an updated Squetch Rig, Squetch Rig Installation Tutorial and Squetchy Sam. 


If you find an issue, let me know.





Squetchy_Sam_08_09_20201.zip Squetch_Rig_08_09_2021.zip

Squetch Rig_Installation_Tutorial_Part_1_08092021.zip Squetch_Rig_Installation_Tutorial_Part_2_08092021.zip Squetch_Rig_Installation_Tutorial_Part_3_08092021.zip

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