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Vortex and Sprites

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Had a a question asked about a whirlwind :unsure:



I threw this together which is a composite of the vortex created in the project below then composited as on a layer and shown here. If I am off base with this idea let me know



[attachmentid=22186] :huh:



I used two sprites from the cd with a vortex force addded to a single patch was going to have the patch with the vortex follow a path but the whirlwind broke up with this simple arrangement therefore the composite







added another sprite Moon changed opacity and color method








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My next assignment for TWO is ...


Witch's Cottage door bursts open and releases noxious whirlwind!

(I guess you\'ll need to learn how to use particles and vortexes, Toby. Lucky you!)


Me, I'll try anything though I haven't tried particles as of yet. I'm starting this one on Monday but thought it wise to check with the master, johnl3d, for pointers, ideas, direction, posted projects, etc. that you have done that might be fitting/helpful/educational.


Greatly appreciated,


Thanks. Looks like a great start and this will really help with my learning/understanding.

I tried it green with 50% transparency;)


I believe this week is going to be full of experiments.

For a whirlwind, it's going to need a lot of layered effects. I'd like to get the circular streaking like you'd see in a tornado and I really liked this clip


For noxious, I think putrid greens and yellows for color

I'm also looking to add billowing smoke/particles at the base of the door something like you would see at the bottom of a building implosion.


I'm new to all this so anyone with experience that whants to chime in, by all means , do.


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It looks good, but there doesn't seem to be any shadowing. Can sprites cast shadows?


If not, a suggestion for the vortex is to use a cloud displacement map on a lathed vortex shape. Then rotate it fast with lots of motion blur. Sprites could be used for debris.

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Ken my next suggestion was a an animated displacement map on a model ..I was asked about sprites so I did that first.

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