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I have been making poses inside of the rig. I have been using both bone poses with cp weighting and muscle poses. The muscle poses have been working quite well until last night. I have followed Mark's videos on muscle poses and walk through it again to make sure that I did not do something wrong. Here goes.


I have created the poses with the pose slider (right side) in a relationship window and copied to the key frame. I then edit the relationship of the other side (left side) of the pose in a new window and paste the key frame mirrored. What i notice is that the pasted mirror key frame drops the pose slider to "0" instead of "100" as it should be on the slider. When I minipulate the slider on the mirrored keyframe it does not move the selected cps. With the relationship window open I can see that the cps have turned blue and when I move the slider the cps turn back red as if there is no effect on them. So I looked at the action window and the relationship in pws and it shows that the paste took place. I open another action window and the slider works on the first pose (copied) (right side). But not on the pasted (mirrored) (left side) pose. Somewhere in the paste process the affect is not working.


Has anyone run into this?



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