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Is there any way to export a Biped skeleton from Max7 to Animation Master?

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like the title says, is this possible? I wont be able to use max for much longer on a daily basis, and its simply too expensive to buy a personal copy. Saw Animation Master and thought that it looked pretty good. Especially given the VERY reasonable price tag... :)


Ill keep it short and end it here, and have a good one all.

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I know nothing of Max but I suspect it there isn't an easy or practical way.


But why a skeleton? I doubt that a rig in Max has anything on the better skeletons that already exist for A:M.


The booklet that comes with A:M has a tut on installing a rig.

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I dont think that that is possible...

A:M hast some freeware (and payware)-plugins which can import *.3ds, *.obj, *.x and some more, but I dont think that you will be happy with the results.

*.x or *.obj are the most developed plugins I think, but after all, it is never a good idea to try to import polygonal data to Patch-data-based-programms if you want to animate the model in a complex way.


In the end you dont have to... if you are after animation characters, A:M is the better way anyway.

I think biped skeltons are quite equal to a A:M skeleton with SmartSkins and may be CP-Weights...


You should try to animate and model in A:M and you wont be disappointed with the results. A:M is much more easy to handle and much more powerful in terms of characteranimation than the plain 3ds is and it is equal or evern better than 3ds with character studio...



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No problem to import bones into AnimationMaster (v12) for a while now :

use the LWO import plugin made by Masashi Watabnabe, plugin you can find :



You obviously must get a lwo exporter for MAX or a 3D file converter app.


Hope this help.


Best regards,



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