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I feel it's high time to get out my contributions. Plus my hard drive crashed last week and I lost a few cherishables and I have to redo some things.

What I was wondering is the extent at which an effect is to be created. For example, my small contribution will be water fountains - big ones (and a little one which I need to revisit now that there's pixel displacement). I'm wondering what is wanted - just a great looking sprite system? Or a series of fountains doing their little artsy things? I know Nancy had created a beautiful fountain and I made some water for it. Will there be something similar for the really large fountains (I mean has someone already created landscaping etc and all it needs is water?) Ha! Will there be fountains at all! Or should I make the spray and the pool, rocks, etc that are associated with it and have that critiqued here. Just looking for a bit of direction.

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Ok here's what I'm beginning with and next I'll do some sort of arrangement etc.


Here is the animation and project. I added two separate sprite systems because there is no way of controlling individual child sprites as far as collision on or off. They're either all on or all off. It's hard to even see the secondary sprite in this video but it's the one that pounds thom as opposed to mystifies him. I put a bit of wind force in this.



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