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2 questions about common rigs

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I hope this question can go here, it has two parts actually.


1) I have a character rigged with the CD 2001 rig plus fan bones and I found a web page documenting how the rig works, but it seems I have a sligtly different one? There are some pose sliders that set up all IK, IK feet only etc., as well as some control constraints in the documentation that I don't seem to have. I rigged with the 2004 CD, but the file looks the same on the 2005 CD too. Do I need to replicate these poses? If not is there more up to date documentation for the rig? I went to:




Specifically, I made a separate peace with the TSM2 and FK arms some time ago and they seem most natural to me now, but withthe CD rig I end up using IK arms because everything flips out really easily otherwise. If I want FK arms with the CD rig what do I manipulate?


And about the TSM2, I was just wondering what the finger pose sliders are for? Are they set up stuff, or am I supposed to activate them? I was animating the fingers of 2 other characters by hand and then noticed them, but right now they don't do anything. They were created duringthe rigging process.


All three of my characters have Dave's face rig, and it's AWESOME.




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