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I've been getting into photography pretty heavily these days, and ran across mention of a little FREE app called Autostitch. The killer thing is that it has some definite potential applications for 3D work as well. Here's the super-short summary:


Autostitch will take any number of source images and automatically blend them together into a single seamless panorama image.


Want super-easy reflection maps? Just render a bunch of overlapping shots from the same camera position, throw them into Autostitch, and BOOM! The same thing can give you an easy way to take your 3D scene and create panorama images for use with QuicktimeVR. Even if it's not a full 360-degree image you're after, Autostitch will still do a great job. As a test, I took three 4-megapixel photos and ran them through it. Less than a minute later, I had the stitched result. Sure, it could look better if I had taken more photos, but what I did get was still pretty sweet. :)


Until the creators sell off the technology to someone else for inclusion in a larger program, they're making Autostitch available for FREE! The only down-side is that it's Windows-only for now.


Anyway, I hope this is useful. Cheers!

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This looks awesome, on the homepage it shows it automatically brightening one photo based on the adjacent one!


I was about to replace the reflections on my characters eyes with environment maps - this will make it better





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Thanks! That is the coolest free app I have seen in a long time :D

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Yeah. It really automatically does it all. Brilliant.

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Whoa! Perfect for alot of things!


Here's a good example, I think. It does curve the pipes a bit...

But WOW, it took poorly planned shots of a room and .. well you look and tell me...






Here's the stitched pic



Wow... I can see lots of uses for this!


Thanks for the link









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