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Smart skin and fan bones...

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Hope I am in the right place... it looks right...


I have fan bones for various parts of the figure... knees elbows... etc..


I am using the 2001 rig. I am now smoothing out the joints after it is rigged which is probably a mistake... but anyway...


When creating smart skin to "clean up" the rough areas... how do you set up the relationship so you can "see" how those areas are working?


When I click "new smart skin" for a fan bone I have been setting the rotation "by hand"... unfortunately I can't see how the rest of the rotations are working as a whole on the joint... so I sort of bounce between an action window and the smart skin window to see how it looks.


Is there a way to activate all of the rigs poses so I can see how the elbow fan smart skin looks? Can I rotate the forearm to tweak the position of the elbow fan bone?


Can I put ALL the smart skin in the fan bone... even if say... it effects areas of the forearm bone for example. I did that by mistake I think... I would do a smart skin on the forearm bone... then I did one for the fan... and realized... maybe I should have put the "smart skin" for both the forearm and part of the bicep and the fan bone in the elbow fan bone smart skin...


...I am rambling again... I did this last night when I was talking to myself... I talk to myself sometimes to work out problems...


Anyway... first time using smart skin... and Im kind of digging it... just need a view from someone else's brain.


p.s. I found that mirroring smart skin is actually quite simple... just copy, and paste mirrored... what was I afraid of?


Vernon "!" Zehr

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Hey Vern,


What I do is to apply the smart skin to the base bone, not to the fan bone.


Because the fan bone is controlled by a relationship to the base bone, I think of it as a pre-smart skin. I consider both the fan bones and Smart skins as adjustments to the bass bone, first fans - then tweak with smartskin. I'm not sure why you are applying smart skin to the fan bone itself, just apply it to the bone that controls the fan bone.


Or I completely misunderstand the question. :rolleyes:

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I'm not sure why you are applying smart skin to the fan bone itself...

Because I am an idiot...


I have never used smart skin to any great extent before... I vaguely recalled people saying they use fan bones then tweak with smart skin...


...silly me... I assumed you smart skin the fan bone...


I love fans and cogs... but I was tired of killing myself on the last few tweaks that I just couldn't get perfect with fans or cogs alone.




Holy cow!


That tutorial is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!


I like the idea of "nudging" fan bones in the smart skin... that is cool!


Thanks for the link nimblepix... and thank you Philip where ever you are for the tutorial.


Vern needs to change his pants now....


Vernon "!" Zehr

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