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Help With Face Modeling

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I wan to make simple face with 2 eyes 2 ears eyebrows nose a mouth hole which i really can't make i made full body with neck but i only need is face i tried many tuts for understanding but when i start working its getting wierd & then i stop work delete the whole file & when i back to hash websites see these am still the i try again but can't make it :unsure: please someone help i dont want to rig my face i want to know how to make face with spline or primitives please help help help! :angry::blink: .....


& im using one prop with this character so please tell me this too that how to make this hole in cube box ......................... THANKs.


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First off...


You shouldn't throw out or delete your attempts. Show them here! It would be much easier to show you where you need guidance if we can see what you've done so far.


If we have no idea what your skill level is... or what you currently are doing wrong or right... it is harder to give you advice.


Modeling a face is very difficult. It will probably require many attempts (and "failures") before you will succeed.


Keep practicing.


Vernon "!" Zehr

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Perhaps this one can be something?



It is just some thoughts and I have had a look on the way Jim Talbot does it - the master modeler. I believe in his three point patch at the side of the nose...



Here - http://home.comcast.net/~jtalbotski/tutes.html -

you can find Jim Talbots really good video-tutorials and in the first one -


you can find a real good face - and you can use that face for your own models - just follow a Rotoscope - some photo of a face altering Jim Talbots face to suit the face you want to have... so you do not really have to model - just change Jim Talbots face model a bit!


And here:


you find an example using Jim Talbots model to sculpture the face of Michael Jackson.


On holes you have Paul Forwoods tutorials - you can find here:


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It would be cool if someone made a WINK tutorial on modelling the head. Someone a little more skilled than the rest of us. That would definatley be something great!!!! :D

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