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www.hash.com very slow/unstable

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The last week or so this site (both the forum and the Hash home page) has been either not responding at all or responding very slowly, except for short periods when it's working ok. This weekend has been particularly bad.


I can access other sites, so I don't think the problem is on my end.



Anyone else experiencing this?

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I think part of the slowdown may have been due to updates on Hash Inc's end.

Weekends seem to be the most likely time you should expect to see slowdowns on the Hash Inc servers.


From my perspective, Hash Inc is always trying to improve things behind the scenes but they remain a small group of people.


I don't know what all they have planned but you may notice some of these changes in the future. "A:M Stills" appears to be the most recent addition.

While I can't speak for anyone but myself I'll gladly accept the occasional delay if they result in such improvements.




P.S. In periods of slow response I recommend staying away from the main Animation:Master forum and concentrating on other forum areas. Posting to the main remains slow and unresponsive often even when the rest of the forum seems to be working well.


If you have any specific areas that experience problems that might help the folks at Hash Inc. rework those areas from their end.


I've also noted on several occasions that clearing my browser's cache and cookies speeds up response. I use Internet Explorer on my end.

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