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This is the first time I've animated to sound. It took about 20 hours and I think it turned out pretty OK. It's for the next "10 Second Club" animation contest at the end of the month, so if you have any crits I'll get them fixed before then. BTW the movie clip is from "Anger Management".


1.7 MB Mpg-1 (sorry Maccers)

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Hi, Ken:


Maccers can handle MPEG-1 (anyone can, pretty much); it's DivX that gives us heartburn. :)


At the moment it looks very linear. I'd suggest curving it up some on the breakdowns (poses between poses). Also check and make sure that you don't have linear interpolation on your channels.


Are you using IK arms on the brown-haired guy? It looks like it.


I don't believe the black-haired guy's "angry" moment. Seems pasted in.


In general, this could use a lot more overlapping action. You have a good sense of pose-to-pose animation; try loosening it up a bit, though.


Harsh enough for you? :)

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Great job using the shoulders! Fun characters and a great effort! The brown hair guys thinking is good.


As for possible improvements.


They both are very static. Their faces are moving and their hands a little, but the faces are hard to see because they are so much nose. Next entry try not to just lip synch, but body synch, as in make the whole body convey the meaning and emotions of the words. It's difficult in this clip because there doesn't feel like a lot of emotion, but still, the characters silhoette only slightly changes. Move their feet/ shift their weight, they don't quite feel believable because they aren't existing in their world, they are holding still like manequins.


The green shirt guys arm motions are appropriate for the dialogue, and pretty good. But they could be staged better, his right arm is not well defined because it's right in front of his body. His upper body is moving around a bit, but his lower body isn't counterbalancing it with the feet.


I would suggest you change the framing, and have a medium closeup (waist up) since that's where the main motion is and it would give the viewers more detail. You might also try turning the green guy towards the other guy, so he will be looking over his left shoulder to see who they are talking about (this might make the silhoette of his hands more distinct).


Green guys hands twin a bit, doing really similar things in close time, in similar heights.


I agree that I don't quite buy the blue guys angry pose. It's not clear what he intends to do, and he doesn't quite look like he's going to stomp over there and change anything (feels like he's looking at the ground)


The facial animation is solid. Something you might consider for next time is altering the face mesh a little so that the important parts are a little more easy to see (i.e. make the mouth and eyes a little larger).


The lighting is a little strange, try making the right side light coming from below and a little less intense, while the left side light comes a little higher coming down.


Overall a strong effort! Can't wait to see what you do next time!



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Hi Ken


I think there may be a problem with the feet they are all pointing in the same direction most people point there feet in different directions and being as the characters are talking to each other I would make the one that's saying its bad turn his feet and body slightly towards the other.

Having said that I could never do what you have done so well done



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Hello Ken!


I like it! Your camera framing is better. One thing that distracts my attention, is that the guy in the blue shirt seems to react to quickly, it is like if he is repeating a text he already knows. Also, he seems to be looking at a third person or the camera, when he is angry, that changes the mood of the scene, i think. Just my opinion, i am beginning to animate myself, and find it pretty hard to make a character alive.(I don't mind, it's so fun)


Nice work!

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One thing that distracts my attention, is that the guy in the blue shirt seems to react to quickly, it is like if he is repeating a text he already knows.

You're right. I had to make him react fast to what the other guy is saying because if he didn't the emotions wouldn't last very long. It's kind of like the guy on the right is controlling the blue guys emotions which is also what I wanted for this piece.

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I think the expressions on the green guy are pretty good, although as others already noted, the noses are so big that the eye and mouth work is getting missed.


If you were going to tweak it more I'd start thinking about "action and reaction" amongst the body masses. It would be tough to make big arm gestures and still have the torso remain unmoved. Another time the arms will gesture forward... and the torso will go forward too! Not impossible for a person to do, but unlikely.


But I think this is a good first lipsynch outing and I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. With smaller noses. ;)

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