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  1. I was looking for that, as I said in my first posting, AM can export 3ds file that has all of the polygone info, but there is not a converter. There is a 3dm to SL converter. I have not looked very deep into the matter yet. SL has only been supporting sculpted prims for a few months. Others have requested 3ds importer, and if that happens then we just have to test the output of AM and figure out what the restrictions are.
  2. It is no cost to be a tourist in second life. You can join and just look around. Strong recommendation for animation master artists is to look at this magazine and go to the sites. http://slartmagazine.com You will like it. Real time rendering as you walk around. about 1% the quality of AM, but it is fast. Eric
  3. Good point. The user will need to know that he must use 4 point patches and no hooks. Might be some other details also.
  4. People are doing very interesting things in second life, see the second life arts magazine for some extreams. http://slartmagazine.com/ I would like to use AM to create the sculpted primitives for second life. I have not seen anything on AM yet. People in second life are recomending all of the 3D modelers except AM while AM is the best suited to the second life format. Second life already uses "NURBS" which are splines. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_P..._Creators_Guide Here is the technical explanation of how it works: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prim_Explanation Is Hash working on it? Can a simple plugin be created for exorting to second life sculpted prims? or a converter from one of the AM formats? I did look for a converter from 3ds format which AM can export, I did not find any. Eric
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