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  1. That sounds like an excellent idea, Jason! 90 Days is reasonable for any contest. 'Winter' is a topic anyone can do something with. 'Winter is coming' may not have actual snow yet, but decorated shop windows and streets for instance. Could be fun. What about setting the deadline two days before Christmas, so voting can be done between Christmas and New Years and you have something fun to start the new year with (posting the results)? Rodney mentioned storytelling. That could be a theme too some day. Create an image that somehow tells a story in itself. Like you're watching a frame from an anim
  2. Yes, it's a permanent installation in the Arsenaal in Flushing Zeeland. Every minute or so it repeats. A:M Track takes some getting used to, but with some tinkering it can prove to be very effective. great stuff.
  3. Hi all, See here a one minute movie of the different segments that went into making the Michiel de Ruyter model talk. Animation Talking Michiel de Ruyter [20.3 mb, quicktime] Here's a still:
  4. Hi John/Matt, Currently I'm compiling some animations that show the process of getting the Michiel de Ruyter to talk. Will post soon.
  5. Vielen dank, Fuchur. Thanks Rodney. I'll be looking forward to your great mascot next time.
  6. Hi everyone, That is very cool! The name is not my username Kualrobi, but 'Arthur Scheijde' from The Netherlands.The 3D man I created is an actual historical figure. He's called Michiel de Ruyter and he was one of the most memorable admirals in the 17th century. I wrote a book about him and for the presentation I made a 3D model of his torso so he himself could take of his hat in a little animation. For another project this Michiel was completed and with the facial modelling software from the Hash store I created a talking model. These days Michiel is a talking painting hanging on the wall
  7. Hi Frank, In my country he's known as Guust Flater. Excellent!! Really like the 'working' image. That's entirely his spirit. For an animated short perhaps it's a nice idea to do something with his huge musical instrument [harp]. You know; the one that makes awful noise.. Keep it up. looking cool. greetz, Arthur
  8. Like it a lot!, The drawing shows a lot of character; a nasty little fellow. And it looks like the 3d version will be great. I hope you get the hair nice and thin like the pic. ta, Arthur
  9. Looking fabulous! The scattered shadows that come from the individual leaves really add to the realism. ta, Arthur
  10. That would suit "Spaceballs, the sequel" nicely wouldn't it?! Nicely done. Arthur
  11. Hi John, For some great skies, check out: http://www.1000skies.com Lookin' good! ta, Arthur
  12. Impressive! excellent image, 30 hours times 30 frames times 30 seconds or more, god I wish I had a renderfarm. Got a question about the pictures framed on the wall. Are the photos themselves so dark, or is that the result of the GI and glass? Sorry, saw the answer in the later render. Tried a skylight dome on eyes once and the iris and pupils became a big black dot. What I think is great too is the double reflection on the two glass panels of the windows, [the front one a tad tilted] so is the wood on the bed. Perhaps there is a bit much perspective in the top part of the door
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