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  1. I like the basic shape you're going for. Just get rid of any splines that seem even a LITTLE bit redundant, and it will clean it up a lot, and get rid of the rumpliness of the face. -Andrew
  2. Wow, he looks like a gorilla! I like the unique style. You've kind of found a halfway point between normal rendering and cartoon rendering, it looks like. It's cool! I like it. -Andrew
  3. Nice, I like the design, and all the detail you put into the artwork on it. Very cool! -Andrew
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I have decided to just texture the head for now, and then make the rest of his body in seperate pieces, which you won't see the gaps between, because they'll be covered by his clothing. Anyway though, how would you suggest texturing this with photoshop? Can I texture it all with just one targa? (minus the eyes of course). Or do i need to create two or more seperate decals? Like, one for one for the face and another for the back of the head? If so, then how do I make the seams not show up? I have heard about alpha channels and everything, but i am really not sure how to use them. Thanks! -Andrew
  5. And this is what i've got so far... I love getting critiques and everything, so fire away! Thanks! -Andrew
  6. Hi... I have started working on a new character. I don't have a lot of time to explain, but here's the concept sketch...
  7. Wow... are you sure you need that many splines in your guy's face? It seems a pretty unnecessary... especially for a cartoony character. I think it is just going to make him lumpy, and animation near-impossible. I would eliminate about half the splines. Especially around the cheek and nose areas. Don't make more work for yourself than you need to. -Andrew
  8. Thanks for the encouragement! Ooh, does anyone have an idea for another quick animation i could try with him? -Andrew
  9. Wow! Donate it? That is very generous of you! Again, amazing model. It is coming along really well. The only thing i think might make it look more like her would be to bring in the chin a little bit. It looks a bit strong now. But... I am more of a cartoony modeller myself, so... haha I'm not really complaining. Nice work! -Andrew
  10. Haha, nice use of procedural textures on the fish! And I like the raccoon guy so far. Interesting morph! -Andrew
  11. I think what mark was getting at was that, with the image you have coming from your light, you can actually turn off a color. So... in your case, you could turn off the black part of it, so it shows whatever is behind the black part- for instance, the cloud you have the light hitting? -Andrew
  12. Call me crazy, but i like the "lots o' roll" It feels like we are going to attack the tower! It is exciting! Feels like star wars. And nice job on that tower! It looks really cool. Is that all texture maps? -Andrew
  13. I have to agree with JBarrett... The expressions could be much more pronounced and exaggerated. Do more with the eyes (blink, shift around, squint, etc)... and the mouth movements could be exaggerated a lot more. Try to make it almost so that we could read his lips and know what he is saying without hearing the audio. Well.... minus the ability to speak french, which i do not have. Those are my suggestions anyway, and, keep in mind, i am no expert in lip synching myself. -Andrew
  14. Lol, i like the exaggerated bowing motion he makes at the end of the movie Not a bad animation, I only would suggest that you do something with the big silver robot, instead of having him float along, really rigidly. And the little guy's walk cycle looks a little funky- his knees stick out to the side when he walks. That doesn't really matter too much for him, because he seems like a funky guy, but you might not want to repeat it for future characters. -Andrew
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