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  1. Oh, they do? I'll check it out...for some reason, I didn't see them listed in poses.
  2. I'm making my first mouth rig and trying to do phenomes...does anyone have a mouth file that I could look at for reference?
  3. Thanks so much! just to make sure I'm understanding this---so nulls are really like invisible reference points to create a relationship to other actions...like the movement of eyes or the gun turret...?... How would I use a null to constrain the movement of say, knees or a wrist or elbow? Are nulls the best/easiest way to do this? Should I be using a different kind of constraint to keep elbow, etc., from bending in un-natural positions? risk.
  4. what exactly are nulls and how are they used? I can't seem to figure out when, where, why and how I would go about using them for, say, constraining a bone movement... Any help would be much appreciated. risk
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