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  1. any chance you could post your light rig? risk
  2. Oh, they do? I'll check it out...for some reason, I didn't see them listed in poses.
  3. I'm making my first mouth rig and trying to do phenomes...does anyone have a mouth file that I could look at for reference?
  4. Thanks so much! just to make sure I'm understanding this---so nulls are really like invisible reference points to create a relationship to other actions...like the movement of eyes or the gun turret...?... How would I use a null to constrain the movement of say, knees or a wrist or elbow? Are nulls the best/easiest way to do this? Should I be using a different kind of constraint to keep elbow, etc., from bending in un-natural positions? risk.
  5. what exactly are nulls and how are they used? I can't seem to figure out when, where, why and how I would go about using them for, say, constraining a bone movement... Any help would be much appreciated. risk
  6. not to get off topic, but what kind of spotlight are you using? I'm kind of new to AM and have been trying to get a similar spotlight without much success. risk
  7. Hi all, This is my first post and I'm very new to AM so please forgive my dumb question. I want to post my first model so I can get your input, but I can't figure out how to output a jpeg. I know I can output a single AVI frame, but then what? Is there a way to output a jpeg, gif or bitmap? thanks, risk
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