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  1. According to this it won't work in V14 and later...
  2. For what it's worth I just called Invision who sells the IP.Board that runs A:M Forums and it would be possible to place users into child and adult groups and not allow children into certain forums - but individual posts cannot be so restricted.
  3. Thanks - you're right-- my intent was to point out that Sadaam was not shown dangling-- that was the worst (or best, depending on your perspective) and that was shown at the end of the cell phone footage and not in Bruce's animation. By Middle Eastern (Arab/Muslim) standards the Sadaam execution was VERY TAME. Imagine going to a Sunday church service and having arms/legs/heads chopped off as part of the service! That's the equivalent to what goes on every Friday all over the Middle East. Having witnessed numerous executions in "Chop Chop Square" in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the 19
  4. I don't think they'd have any case because this was the sanitized video that was all over the news - now if the cell phone video had been used instead, then PERHAPS there could be an issue - just GOOGLE on Sadaam Hanging to see this - it's all over the Internet. BTW, every once in a while the issue of Hash, Inc. and A:M growing up comes up and I think this is just another case in point... Make kids register as kids and then give the option to restrict their viewing, surely this wonderful forum software has that capability.
  5. Kids see worse than that Sadaam cell phone video all the time in video games, Hollywood PG13 movies, and cable TV... ya'll are a bunch of wimpies!
  6. Here's the model w/ groupings: [attachmentid=22976] Here's the prop mesh: [attachmentid=22974] Here's the model and prop together: [attachmentid=22975]
  7. I've got a very detailed photo-realistic facial mesh that I'm trying to re-fit to a 3ds prop that's a 3D scan of an actual person, I then have high resolution flat lighting orthogonal photos that I'll be using as decals... The eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are obvious things to group and move around to match their positions on the actual face, so I've made groups for these and the surrounding patches. Later on the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears will have to be tweaked, adjusted, and (possibly) remodeled (a bit) to closely match the real person - but I'm just wanting to get them into the right
  8. For anyone who cares, I submitted #'s 3992 and 3994 to A:M Reports requesting that bone double clicking work the same way for the Model Bone and also bones w/ weighted CP assignments.
  9. But that is exactly what the Mirrorbones plugin I mentioned in my last post does do right now. Just add the plugin and then A:M does have exactly the feature you want. I don't quite understand why you would do a feature request for a feature that you have available right now. Richard Harrowell. Richard, The Mirrorbones plugin does SO MANY other things that just reading the doc kind of scared me off... Anyway I just happened upon an (undocumented?) A:M feature. If you double click on a bone, it will automagically create an Untitled group with all the CP's exclusively assign
  10. Thanks for the info guys... I ended up working with multiple windows open for the same window, some in bones mode and some in modeling mode. What I had to do would have been easier if A:M would simply group unassigned CP's or CP's assigned to selected bone(s) as the Unassigned Group. I GUESS I'LL SUBMIT A FEATURE REQUEST...
  11. I'm working on a complex rig and it's very difficult for me to manually select the unassigned CP's. Does A:M have the capability to group these or lock/hide all other CP's? This would certainly make my work a lot easier for this complex rig. Any help would be most appreciated...
  12. Last time I drove from DC - now I'm living in Fort Wayne - I MIGHT still consider driving down - it'd actually be slightly shorter...
  13. I thought it would at first too, but 2 years into it, I don't find it that big o' deal.
  14. John Bigboote was the "winner", here's his fine work: [attachmentid=17295] Thanks Big John!
  15. MMZ_TimeLord - What you've done looks really good! I sent the check out a couple days ago and should have something sometime in the next week or so from "the winner" - we'll have to see how it compares!
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