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  1. Like the idea and I am sure the guy who is going to pay you $2,000 does too. Nice image man, you da mun!
  2. heh, I've hadmy problems with the community. Theres alot of nice people and then there is alot of really meanies and people who are stuck up....just wait till you meet David Rogers (Obnouak) or howver u spell it. OOPS did I say David Rogers out loud
  3. Raf - don't let your dad hear you say that! We all know that this all comes easy for you and *work* had nothing to do with it. Bill such truth
  4. Ok I solved that problem but had to throw away that rig. It wasn't turning out too great. Back to trying another way.
  5. ok I got a problem that seems really hard to fix so I wanted to show you all and see if I can find a solution to this since its really bugging me. Here is a video clip of the toe problem im having: Here Is The Problem Now I could always just move the bone back when im animating so it keeps the original size of the foot. But I dont want to do that well...cause im lazy . And because I know there is another, yet easier and simplier way to bend the toe and yet keep the same size of the foot. So if someone could let me know whats wrong with the toe or tell me how I can fix it, please do. Thanks Paul
  6. Great that explains alot. Thanks Paul
  7. 3dArtz: "I think what you should do, is just start off by putting in basic bones that fit the character perfectly. Then add the IK stuff of the Hash 2001 rig. Do you have the Hash documentation on it?" I have added basic bones, it animated fairly ok, but the rig wasnt too great to where I could get the motion that I wanted. (In English, It wasnt easy to animate with.) I didn't add any IK stuff from the Hash 2001 rig but I may try that to see if that fixes some stuff. I do have the Hash documentation on rigging. wwoelbel: "You need (Well... I don't really know you but I know me and maybe your a bit like me) to set goals for yourself that you actually have a reasonable chance of hitting in just a couple of days." Will try . . John Keates: "With a character such as yours, a simple rig should suffice (depending on what you want him to do)." Well I definately dont want him to have motion like a robot . "Oh, another thing is that it is a good idea to do some animating with an existing character before you start making rigs so you know what kinds of things the rig should be doing. It is a slow process. A little animating - a little modelling - a little rigging. You kind of have to know one to know the others. Just keep going round the cycle and you will get better with time as the big picture comes into view. " Well I have been animating existing characters since if I didn't I would have gotten bored along time ago. I done at least a little of everything really. I suck at rigging plain and simple and if I cant do that well, well....I can only do still images and isnt this program called "Animation" Master. I bought it to animate basically lol. But I'll keep going round in the cycle like you said Raf Anzovin: Ok good you wherent born knowing how to rig . Wow never heard of someone who LIKES rigging, and I guess thats why you are a master at it . Although I dont like rigging (and never will) I will have patience like you said. I have rigged characters before but I got so tired of how crappy the rig was I threw away the entire character since I couldn't rig it correctly. I guess I'll "have" to do the simple stuff before I can move onto the advanced stuff *starts moping* lol. "maybe just put the bones in and leave them alone for eveything but the legs, which should have Kinematic constraints for IK. This won't be a particularly elegent rig, but it will be usable. And you can build up from there." What do you mean by having kinematic constrains for IK on the legs? Couldnt I just like attach the leg bones to their parents and turn off LOCK IK. Or do I gotta use a IK Constraint? Thanks so much everyone for the replies, I appreciate them all. (dreams of one day rigging like raf) now to start the simple rig talk to you all later and I'll post the results of the simple rig so you can see.
  8. not sure if thisll help but Its not that I wanna fix this rig up..its just crap..C R A P.
  9. Ok, I am completely lost when it comes to rigging. I modelled a really cool character, textured him but then when it comes to rigging. Forget about it. I spent 6 hours copying Shaggys rig onto my character then doing the relationship manually and man did I waste that 6 hours. At the end of the 6 hours when I went to test to see if he worked. I moved the pelvis down and it moved the entire model! The feet wouldnt stay on the ground! What is that! I would try to do a walk cycle and man I dont even want to tell you what it looked like. I dont know what I should do to rig like Raf Anozvin, I watched some of his tapes on rigging but I didnt understand all of it and how I could apply it to my character. I would buy the setup machine but I dont got any money and I been trying to rig my character who im dying to rig so I can actually bring him to life but I cant. . Ahh what should I do? How can I learn to rig real well? Like Raf ....well like anyone who knows how to setup a simple yet flexible system. AHHH PLEASSE HELP PEOPLES! Paul
  10. Well here is my first attempt to animate him. www.paulmcgrade.com/Frog Jumping.avi Let me know what you all think, how I can improve or whatever else. Thanks Paul Keep those ideas coming
  11. !!! If he wanted to do that, he wouldn't have built in the first place! yep
  12. Funny. Thanks for the ideas Mr. Jage. Comon I know everyone can at least give me one Paul
  13. Hey all, I finally finished another character. I don't got a name for it YET but I was hoping maybe one of you can come up with a cool name . Anyway here it is: Took me about half a day to model, texture and completely rig it. Now for the fun part! Animating! I wanted to make a simple character to practice my animation skills and this is it. Now I was hoping you all could give me at least one thing to do with him . So far I got: Pushing a box (make it so that it looks like he is struggling to push it) and jumping off a building. Thats it . Now I could think of probably a few more but I thought it would be cool if everyone could tell me what to animate with him and then I go ahead and animate it and show it to everyone . If you are going to say something to animate please make sure to keep it simple like the two examples above but make sure that it is interesting . So lets see what everyone comes up with and I'll try my best Paul
  14. Can you post some wireframes if you can of the top of the sword to show how you made the tip of it pointed. Thanks
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