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  1. You can have as many choreographies as you want in any given project. Just save the choreography and import it into the project you want. When you do, make sure you delete the ground plane and lights or you'll have double.
  2. v12.0p is the update which is different from the upgrade. You'll still have to buy the upgrade. Actually 2006 if i'm not mistaken is version 13, so 12.0p wouldn't be of any use to you. I haven't done this myself but there is something you can purchase. (forgot what it was) That will let you use AM without the CD. You'll have to contact Hash about this. Also you don't have to leave the CD in once you load up AM you can pop it back out and put it away. You can also upgrade to the latest version from wherever your at. No need to make extra purchases hope this helps
  3. Hey don't be a stranger. I was here almost a year before I got A:M
  4. Dhar! Congrats! All though now I must beat you up.
  5. Very nice! And I'm not just saying that because the character is sexy. Looking forward to the animated piece. Reminds me of Jessica Rabbit ( Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Do you think you post a larger picture. I'm having trouble seeing it. ( Insert Sarcastic tone )
  6. Don't worry it happens to everybody. Were still getting posts about people asking how to run Animation Master without the CD. Even though it's been explained billions upon billions of times.
  7. Excellent splinage on that turtle, and the domino effect is great. Thats really all there is to say. Great stuff. Calarts? Lucky!!
  8. How would you feel knowing you were an inch away from getting the upgrade. I'd probably kill myself. (Not Really)
  9. Hey I'm an alumni. If you would be so kind. I would like to be entered. Or entered again ( I need to go back and read the rules.)
  10. Are you trying to render straight to a movie file. If so, I'd suggest rendering it as a targa sequence. I've had rendering problems with stuff shorter than yours. It seems to me that TGA uses less memory. I've tried rendering scenes straight to movie and it would crash. Then render that same scene as a TGA and it would work fine. You'll have to get a program to turn it into a movie, but theres a few free programs that'll do that for you. (Can't think of them off the top of my head.) Or you could actually put the images back into AM and it'll turn it into a movie for you. Hope this helps.
  11. I know your not planning to change it, but I think it might have been better for her to do a flip. I think shes a little to horizontal to be able to land like that. You have some really cool characters. Planning on making incredibles 2?
  12. RIP seven cause i'm sure Martins going to kill you Nice work Jamagica. looking forward to anymore animation
  13. If you were going for a simple design you nailed it. I like the segmented look, the only thing is it's not all segmented. The arm mainly: It looks like you were going for a segmented look but its not quite there. The forearm, the part that connects to the glove has the right look, but the part connected to the shoulder and the mid section don't have the same look to them. I think it would look cool if they were three distinct segments. The body also, since you have some parts segmented it makes the rest look off. I'm sure you don't want to have two spheres for a body, but if you could shape it more to get the same look that would look great. My comments may be a little biased towards the segmented look, but I really like it. I don't know if your familar with Vectorman. If you had to fix one thing I'd say fix the arms. Give them the full on segmented look, then you could probably overlook the body. It looks great, and i'm sure with the textures added it will look even better.
  14. I think the pink one is saying Eternity Seven- I like the simple characters. You could probably crank out a whole series with these guys. Stuff like this is perfect for new users, people always say to start out simple. You've inspired me.
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