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  1. ftu_de

    3d max model

    Jon, I have a good answer: It is faster and easier for dummys like me. Is gives many good site with models. http://www-c.inria.fr/Eric.Saltel//download/ http://www.planit3d.com/source/meshes_files/meshes.html I have a workaround for the two problems (3-point spline and many patches). It looks something complicates, but if you install the programms you became relative good models with 4-point spline. You need Blender: http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/ and MetasequoiaLE R2.3b-2 and Metasequoia Ver2.4.2. You need both, because LE R2.3b-2 has a problem with the import and 2.4.2 with the export. http://www.metaseq.net/english/index.html Install the programs. If the model has not so many patches, load it in Blender and begin with 7.) If the model is a dxf- File, load it in MetasequoiaLE R2.3b-2 and begin with 4.) 1.) Load the model in Metasequoia Ver2.4.2 (DoGa CGA System .suf, AutoCAD .dxf, LightWave .lwo, 3D Studio .3DS, Rokkaku daioh .rok, Calgari .cob, Wavefront .obj and Playstation .rsd). 2.) Save it as .mqo 3.) Load it in MetasequoiaLE R2.3b-2 4.) Reduce the polygons. Object/reduce polygons. 5.) Save it as .cob or .dxf (its greater and bake all groups to one) 6.) Load it in Blender. File/Import/TrueSpace or File/Inport/dxf 7.) Select group and go in edit-mode 8.) Select all point. Type A 9.) Remove double vertices. Type space/Edit/Vertices/Remove Doubles 10.) Change the 3-point patches in 4-point pateces. Type space/Edit/Faces/Convert to Quads. 11.) Deselect all. type A 11.) Export as Wavefront. File/Export/Wavefront 12.) Import in AM The models are not perfect, but you have a model like this Maurian30.bmp in 5 min.
  2. Aah, that is the problem. If I slow down the cylinder, it functions with Collisions Tollerence = 0.3. ct30_8sec.mov This was the same as ct30, but the chor range is 8 sec and I render only each fourth picture. Thank you for your help.
  3. Sorry Paul, but I can't find the solution in your post. I'm not sure, but I think this is a bug. In the first example simcloth works fine: ct35.mov but in the second example the material glues at the cylinder: ct30.mov The only differenz: in ct35 is the Collisions Tollerence = 0.35 and in ct30 is the Collisions Tollerence = 0.3
  4. I have a problem with simcloth. Why the red model glues at the blue and the ground and how I can change that. The ground and the blue model have a deflector 16 and the red model have a cloth-material with the default value. glue.mov glue.prj
  5. Rays cast is the solution. But rays cast 3. I became at rays cast 2 a double shadow, the old false and the good new. thank you all for your help
  6. I have a better example for my problem. You see, the shadow of the table is false. room2.prj
  7. This is a mistake. My problem is, that the light shine through an object. I don't want this! In the closed roomobject, there are no shadow from the roomobject. If you change the option "Volumetric" to ON, you see the lightbeam crossing the roomobject from out to in, but not from in to out. The Light Lists are not the solution.
  8. I wanted to build a room. But the light didn't come through the window. The light came through the wall. In the testproject can you see light and shadows from other objects in a close(!) room (camera1). What make I wrong? room.prj
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