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    I've built many types of scale models all my life and gradually focused on model railroading. Before I discovered A:M in the early 90's I was building a 1/48 scale set in my backyard so I could use natural sunlight to shoot 16mm movies. Now I'm using A:M to build a virtual railroad.

    While I'm using A:M, I'm listening to music; usually either classical or jazz from the 20's and 30's.
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    Intel i7 3.4Ghz proc., Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti, 16Gb RAM, Windows 7
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    Windsor, ON, Canada

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  1. If you want to see that front projection set picture in colour and read all about 2001 vfx, follow this link. http://nzpetesmatteshot.blogspot.com/2015/01/kubricks-2001-one-mans-incredible.html Since the 40' x 90' Scotchlite screen and massive projection system (also shown) were too big to move, that set is on a turntable to allow different camera angles. If your interested, also check for a rare medium shot (admittedly very poor quality) of the 50 foot Discovery model. You typically only see the 11 foot model on-line.
  2. Wide assortment available here with prices proportional to resolution. http://www.1000skies.com/fullpanos/index.htm
  3. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AoFR-z6yKnmN1kVhp2AGpb620N_0 2 min. (90Mb) clip of locomotive and tender covering 1 mi. taken by a low flying drone camera. Music soundtrack is a jazz tune from 1930 called "Choo Choo". As an example of A:M animation it's just a repeating walk cycle with stride length so nothing really happens. It was just a test to see; 1) Will Netrender choke on a square mile (1.6 x 1.6 km) of scenery? 2) Can I cheat on the level of detail of the tracks and the rock ballast when the camera is not too close and are the transitions noticeable? 3) How much "passing meadow" can I build with just a material? There are flashes of it in the first half but a reasonable material kicks in for the last half after the close-up on the loco. 4) Does the smoke and steam withstand 2 min. of scrutiny? Adding trees and other details to the landscape is underway.
  4. Thanks the suggestions. I just might use them. Pretty straightforward; you have the original flat mesh and the imported deformed terrain mesh whose cp's are on the same XZ coords and unselectable. Then in the action you view the two at a very oblique angle so you can see one whole line of cp's. The posing of each cp in the Y axis to match the terrain mesh would be the perfect job for an intern; like being an in-betweener but worse since it requires almost no skill.
  5. I'm working on a continuous 2 min. "shot from a drone" clip of my locomotive traveling for 1 mi.(1.6 km) to check for smoke and steam dynamics/densities and various lo-res cheats on the stone ballast that embeds the railroad tracks. It begins as a long shot, moving to a close-up and ending as a "running along beside" medium shot. The surrounding countryside is made up of twenty-one instances of the same one tenth of a square mile mesh arrayed along either side of the track. To add variety to each landscape instance I plan on applying a different pose to each one. The left ten instances shown already have some poses applied. While I was styling another pose, mostly using Magnet mode, I thought this might be a good time to use the Terrain plug-in. It makes fine looking meshes but the only way I can see to get that formed mesh into an action is to add it to the original mesh model and then match that shape in the model's pose, one CP at a time - all 4096 of them; do-able but mind numbing. Anyone have any better suggestions?
  6. You are correct, I do mean the "aim steering" bone. Apologies for not sticking with my own naming convention..
  7. I don't think turning all flattened splines to mag = 0 would necessarily improve the accuracy of the decal and I'll back that opinion up with the following: When I was decaling the model of my farmer's coveralls I split it into front and rear sections for flattening with the vertical break at the side seams. I wanted those seams to be as even and parallel as possible. To minimize spline stretching during the flattening process, I rotated each cp individually using the neighboring cp as the pivot (left image). I still got unacceptable distortions at the edges where the unseen splines warped back to the unflattened rear section. In retrospect, I probably should have included the next neighboring rear cp in the flattened front and then not decaled those rear patches. Instead I was able to compensate for the distortion by increasing the flattened magnitude of each edge spline to 250 which gave my useable results (right image). So I'm guessing the spline magnitudes that yields the most accurate decal depends on your flattening choices.
  8. Now that I have a rigged driver, no more autonomous vehicles. The chor is identical to the one in the first post. There is a constraint target for each hand control and the Saucy rig does the rest. pickup_with_driver.mp4
  9. OK Robert, howzabout this? I paintshopped the real xray to rotate the fingers at their knuckles so they more closely matched my at rest pose. Then I moved all the joints in my model to match the prototype, shortened the last segments of most of the fingers and slightly extended the thumb.
  10. I did. I think that particular pose tends to hide the fact. But thanks for the suggestion Robert, because it motivated me to take another swing at the model. I concluded that the rake-like effect partially came from the fingers being too thin which may have been because this hand mesh originally came from the barbarian in Jim Talbot's Leopard Queen project on the Extras DVD. (He has elongated fingers and nails and his thumb nail seems to be oddly positioned). So along with a number of CP tweaks, I slightly fattened the fingers, shortened the pinky, rotated the thumb and made the knuckles and tendons even more pronounced. The best part was I stumbled across a useable bump map to add some skin texture.
  11. I decided it was time to get someone to drive my various vehicles. This guy will perform two roles. The first will be to drive around the pickup truck https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48329 . With a change of hats, an added mustache and a pair of goggles he's ready to be a locomotive engineer. My thanks to Mechadelphia for the Saucy Rig. The skin and cloth textures were chosen to make a reasonable impression at a distance, so they tend to break down upon close inspection. The stretching in the coverall decals comes from only flattening and applying a front and rear decal. I suspect I'd get less warping if I had gone for left front, right front, left rear and right rear. But this good enough for an "extra" who happens to be driving the real stars, i.e. the vehicles. composite_a.tga composite_b.tga
  12. Sweet biscuits! You try to eliminate every possible variable to make Steffen's job easier and then I forget render settings. Thanks Robert.
  13. I've discovered a bug that crashes A:M v19.0 on my Win10 machine under very specific circumstances. Before I submit a bug report, I'd appreciate someone to check my work to make sure I'm not missing something. All required files should be in the zip file including the following image showing the chor layout (top view). Thanks Open displ_bug_test.prj displ_bug_test.cho shows grid_test_a.mdl within the camera's field of view while grid_test_b.mdl, located at X=550, is outside the camera's view both models are identical and have displ_bug_test.jpg decaled to both of them as displacement maps the chor uses sky_small.jpg for image based global ambience with intensity = 100 and occlusion = 100 performing a screen render of grid_test_a from the camera view crashes A:M to get a successful screen render you can do any one of the following turn off grid_test_b.mdl in the chor or re-set the decal on grid-test_b.mdl to be a bump map or re-set global ambience occlusion to 0 or move grid_test_b.mdl to an X value outside of the span from approx. 350 to 650 displ_bug.zip
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