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  1. Does anyone know if the newest verson of A:M works on a windows vista 64 bit system. I can't use any of the previous versons of A:M on my new computer, and will get a new verson but only if it is compatible with a 64 bit system.
  2. any way to have lights ( as in head lights) on a model turn on/off in a pose slider ( and how) Thank-you
  3. I should say that the tut. i am following is from this sherwood web site. Its the 'says tredhed' tut. dealing with the ease. On the tut. it seams to suggest that an object can follow around a circular path continuously. I've got my example set up exactly like it (sorry i am unable to provide a example for you). It sounds like you have the general idea from your last response, I don't know about moving the path ( the path is oval like)
  4. I was trying the tut. on the tank treads using a path for them, but when the tread hits the 100% it will travel all the way around the path again instead of continuing on through. I can think of some alternative ways to try and make the tread almost look like they continue through as though to loop, but it doesn't have the smooth motion I would like. Any hints or suggestions would help. thank-you
  5. thank-you, i think you cleared it up with relating it to the fan bone concept.
  6. thank-you i know what fan bones are created for. some times picking up the altered lingo leaves one confused.
  7. what are hindge bones and what constraints are applied to them. thank-you
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