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  1. Thanks very much, guys, for the great input. I was intentionally vague in my description to see if people would know what was happening. The guy is supposed to be her coworker friend who doesn't want to see her quit, but I don't think anyone got that from what I drew. Frames 1-20 are supposed to show her writing the final exclamation point, then jabbing the pen into her boss's picture. Seems like I missed the mark a bit, huh? Rodney: Good point about trimming it back to meet the deadline. In this case it would help to be able to shift those seconds to other parts of the animati
  2. Doubt I'll be able to finish this in time, but would still like to hear your thoughts... specifically related to: 1. Concept 2. Readability 3. Pacing 4. Staging These are coworkers, and the picture on the wall behind the girl is her manager. It's rough, but should be enough for you "directors" to evaluate. Thanks! Mark (1.6Mb, Sorenson 3 Mov.) TestRender1d.mov
  3. Hey David, that's really impressive! Excellent work.... as always.
  4. No rush, Mark. Whenever you get the time.
  5. Hey Mark, Just wanted you to know I like the rigs you've been working on. Haven't been very active with A:M lately, but gave your rigs a spin and they are really nice. The face controls are simple and work great... good expression and control. Did you mention there's an install rig you've had a few people test? I've got a little time and would like to give it a whirl if there's something close to being finished.
  6. There would also be a suction tube right next to the tooth to evacuate the water spray/tooth shavings. How about sucking the spray into an opaque white tube? That would look cleaner to the patient, also.
  7. Hi Eric, Did the dentist specifically ask to see the shavings flying off the tooth and the tooth preparation process? I wonder if it might be less intimidating/frightening for the patient if you showed a model of the tooth before preparation, then just fade the picture into the finally prepared tooth. The patient shouldn't have to see the drill to know how the reduction gets done. This would make your job easier and might be more effective at selling the procedure anyway. You could then just animate the veneer being fit to place and end on a perfectly modelled tooth/arch. Mark
  8. Hey Xtaz, Here are some things you might want to consider.... There is almost constant motion throughout your animation, with a lot of unnecessary movement that doesn't help tell the story. This clip begs for some holds or pauses in the action. Also, the mechanics of the animation itself is "floaty" or spliney looking. Maybe if you turn off the sound and watch the clip over and over, you will see what I mean. Step back from the small details and mechanics of the animation for a moment and look at the big picture. I think it would be helpful to break the clip down into "beats"
  9. OpenOffice is the answer to your problems, Dhar. It's free and works great. It has word processing, spreadsheets, and lots more. http://www.openoffice.org/
  10. Thank you, Rusty, for posting this great checklist. It should be a big help. Mark
  11. Outstanding modeling and texturing job, Stian. I've flown both gas and electric R/C heli's and it's a blast. Please be sure to spend a lot of time on a good heli simulator before attempting anything other than tail-in hovering, unless you want to spend a lot of money and time in repairs. Heli's have no stable orientation like a plane, so it's easy to get disoriented and lose control quickly.... usually with very bad results! Have a great time flying!
  12. Hi Steven, Sorry for the late reply. Thanks again for all of your hard work on this rig. Your excellent animation results speak for themselves as to the usefulness and ease of use of this rig. I'm still scratching my head about how, exactly, your expressions do what they do. Maybe someday I'll get more time to go over it and figure it out. The way you've made each control work both sides of the face simultaneously or individually is really great, and I'd like to make FACE do the same if possible.... if you don't mind? Thanks again, Mark
  13. Hi Steve, Is it possible to make the lip and cheek guides follow the same arc? Here's what I'm seeing now... the lip guides and cheek corners follow different paths, which causes the lips to collapse inward. Please take a look at the screenshot: The red lines indicate the current paths of the lip guide and cheek corner's movements. Ideally, the lip and cheek guides should follow the same path. The green line indicates the path that they should both follow (for this character). Sorry if I'm missing something here, like maybe a simple adjustment. My time is a bit short
  14. Hi Steve, Thanks for your continued tinkering with/perfecting the Head Gizmo. I won't have time to check out your new file until later this weekend, but look forward to trying to follow what you've done. Just so I'm clear on something... is it OK to lengthen the cheek retraction bones (to make a wider arc) as well as change the angle? Or should they be kept the same length and only the angle changed? Thanks, Mark
  15. Here's a quick example that uses a pose to force the CCheek Nulls to move in an arc, conforming to the shape of the head. If you view the CCheek nulls from the top view while moving the test slider you'll see what I mean. I don't know if it would be useful to you or not. simple_simon_stretchyguides_jawdepth_TestArcs.mdl I like the new position of the CJawDepth control.
  16. Those new stretchy guides are very cool! Simple and effective. That was a great idea. I found a copy of v11.1h, so I'll make an example for you to check out with a pose for arcing lip control nulls. You can use it or scrap it if you like. Mark
  17. Thanks for doing this. The jaw works great. The stuff you're accomplishing with expressions is bordeline voodoo, man. The only way to do this would be with expressions and implement them in the same way as my eyebrow forehead curvature calculation. That method is suited to the forehead as you won't need the eyebrows to be manually controllable in the Z axis. The lips are different: they need to be controllable on all axis. When you put an expression on any aspect of a model, you lose direct control over it. Therefore it limits the range of movement and expression and is an auto
  18. Hey Steve, there were a few things I wondered if you would consider adding to this rig. 1. A "Jaw forward/backward" control. 2. The ability to have the mouth controls (CCheek, CLipBot, etc.) move in an arc so that they conform to the shape of the head and face. 3. An easy way to move the mouth controls in the Z-axis. I played around with the first two ideas and came up with ways to accomplish them using poses. You could probably do a better job using expressions, but I'm not up on that stuff yet. There is a sample file attached that has two new poses: simple_simo
  19. Hey Steve, It's great to see you back "gizmo-ing" again. I'm sure you've been working on this rig for a long time. It's clear that a lot of thought went into it. I like the way you can do unilateral or bilateral controls easily. It's also great to see such a simple mesh layout and how nicely it deforms into some pretty great extremes. Your example shows off the potential really well. The fine lip controls are cool. Do you think this rig would work on a character with a huge jaw, like a dog or similar beast, or is it limited to a humanoid shaped head? Have you tested it on any other
  20. Awesome work, Xtaz! How many hours do you estimate it took to model and texture this baby?
  21. This is really an attractive model... fun to look at and imagine what this character is going to act like. It's also one of those models that makes me slap my head and say, "why didn't I think of that". Very cool and well done!
  22. Awesome job on the modeling and texuring, guys! The detail is incredible. Mark
  23. That's it. Now it works like a charm. The new FACE interface additions are great, Mark. Absolutely. This is an incredibly functional and fun rig to use (and now fun to install too).
  24. Wow, you're fast! Thanks for hunting that one down.
  25. Hey Mark, I really like the new "Customize Interface" controls you added. That will make life easier. Thanks for bringing it to my attention because I wouldn't have seen it otherwise for awhile. I'm wondering what's going on with the FACE mesh now. In the model file the arrangement of the interface is somewhat scrambled. It appears to be not positioned properly at any of the Off, Joint or Split positions, either. The nulls are positioned correctly and appear to work fine, but the mesh is doing its own crazy thing. Have you noticed this? Edit: Here's what I found. It appears
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