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  1. Actually, the idea here was that my client wanted to show that different designs were possible and something bold was necessary. I don't have the whole story, but my guess is that he needs to convince the clients that there are other possibilities. I didn't have any other reference materials except for some rough dimensions. I was given a lot of creative freedom too...in fact, all of it. My client loved the red tiles and I went with a small sink because there wasn't enough real estate for a double sink. I was told at the beginning not to worry about budget or anything like that, so I just went with whatever felt right. Thanks for the comments! E
  2. Here is a quick job I did for a client who is going to propose some changes to a rather bland kitchen. I actually did a lot more than they wanted since it was supposed to be just a "sketch", but I think it was worth it. Comments welcome. Eugene
  3. Hi All, Some time ago, I could have sworn there was a Generic Woman Model that possibly entity had put up. I have the Generic Man model, but I just can't find the Woman model. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, Eugene
  4. Hey John, Congratulations on your sons's wedding! Eugene
  5. I saw that too and thought it was just great!! The more exposure for AM the better for us all! Excellent! Eugene
  6. Simple test...render using VGA resolution and an aspect ratio of 1 (default). Then post images... E
  7. Ciao Claudio...come stai? I think once you overcome the Polygonal thinking in Max, you will wonder why you didn't get started earlier with AM. The reason I say this is that AM is very fast when you want to put together a quick animation or small video clip. All the tools are there for your animation needs and the workflow is seemless because it is all incorporated into one package. You don't need to purchase an extra plugin or import from other software...it's all there for you. Basically for the independant artist, AM beats all other major 3D software, hands down. One word of caution and that is that if you are looking to use your Max models in AM, it just doesn't work that well. Cheers, Eugene
  8. Files are below... Cheers, Eugene Missile.zip
  9. Here is a project file and VERY quick model to show that you can always model when you don't have a more elegant way to figure something out. From what I recall, shock waves decay out of the exhaust and that's why you get that's the bright diamond pattern. Set glow, roughness and transparency. Cheers, Eugene and the project file. E
  10. You might want to ask Vincenzo Tanassi if he knows anything about this since he is in Italy. Best of Luck, Eugene
  11. Steve, I chuckled out loud on that one...love the sound effect! Cheers mate, Eugene
  12. Lucine, Can you do a screen capture of what you mean and post on the forum...I might be able to help if I understand your problem. Regards, Eugene
  13. John, You forgot to count from 10 to 1 to release everyone from your grasp! Cheers, Eugene
  14. cuboos...I give you full credit for taking the time to work on these tutorials! Way to go! Eugene
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