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  1. I've solved the problem ... What I did: Frame 0 -> set the translate to Constraint with compensate mode >on< @ Frame 10 I set a Key for the translate offset and enforcement and then set between frame 11 to 19, the enforcement to >0%< (Hold) then, @ frame 20 I moved the Hand to the position, where I wanted the Hand to be after the Enforcement is set to 0% activate Compensate Mode and set the enforcement to 100 % and then back to 0% afterwards I deleted the Key of the Enforcement, which was set between Frame 11 to 19 ... The Curve in the Timeline is set to hold ... in my Case, the Enforcement is from Frame 0 to 20 constant at 100% I hope, my explanation is OK ... Gruß Maszie
  2. Sorry, my english is bad, I know! I've made a translate to constraint (I used the the compensate - mode when I set the constraint ...) to keep the Bone of the Hand at one position, while the whole rest of the body is moving ... after that part, in which the hand have to stick to the object, I would like to detach the hand ... So now I set the enforcement to 0 % and the Hand is snapping somewhere ... Then I tried it with an animation of the enforcement ... as example: frame 0 -> 100% Enforcement and at frame 10 -> 0% Enforcement ... from Frame 0 till frame 9 is the transition sooth. But from frame 9 to 10 the hand is snapping to an completely other place in the Chor. Gruß maszie
  3. I have the same problem with the Translate to Constraint. from 100% to 0.01% it's smooth, but from 0.01% to 0 it's snapping to it's original position ... Is there a possibility to set an offset when I set the Enforcement to 0%? I don't need a transition ... I only want that the bone is not snapping and also not following the Target and working with translate offsets is also not my favourite way, how I would like to do my stuff ... Thanks! Maszie
  4. THX for your reply ... but I had a look into the Manual and found, what I was looking for -> Chapter 6: The Doors Stuck, or what was the name ??? is exacliy what I wanted to do ... the Part, where Shagies Hand was attached to the Doorknob with an IK - Chain Constraint was the Interestig part ... RTFM before asking CU Maszie
  5. IK constraint? Do you mean a Translate To constraint? I get a smooth transition if I animate the enforcement of a Translate To constraint No, IK is correct ... sorry for my bad english ... Look at the attached Pics to see what I mean ...
  6. Hi Splinerz, I have a problem with my Character ... I've animated the whole time with FK an now I need IK I placed a Null Target into the Chor ... then simply ad the IK - Constraint to the Bone and as Target the Null Target ... but now the Bone is snapping to this Null Target ... I tried to animate the enforcement ... but this is not working ... the bone is still snapping to this Target ... so, is there some way, to solve this problem and get a smooth transition? I can remember, that I saw a Tut on it long ago ... but can not find it at al THX Marcus
  7. Wow thanks to you an Seven! Really big help! Maszie
  8. Hello, I'm searching for an other 'Grass with Hair' Tut. This Grass Tut I already found but there was an other one, but I can not find it ... Maszie
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