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  1. Re. size of pluto: 1180 km is about right (NASA gives the radius as 1151 km. I don't know which is correct). Comparing it to your Earth model it seems to be about 1/3.3 of the earths diameter, while it should be about 1/5.3 . It so happens your Pluto is a factor 1.6 too large. Did you by any chance model Pluto with a radius of 1180 miles instead of km? 1 mile=1.6093 km
  2. If you turn off tooltips, you can sometimes (but not always) make the statusbar descriptions stay visible: In the menu, select "Tools->Customize", and on the "Toolbars" tab there's a checkbox "Show tooltips" that you could uncheck. Press Ok and you should be set. I you now move the pointer from the working area to a button it alway show the description. If you move it from one button to another it often doesn't. I don't miss them myself, but if you do please file an error report at A:M Reports. (there is a link to it on this forum) /Joakim
  3. What platform (Mac/Windows) and version (11.1x/12.0x/13.0x ...) are you using? Which models are causing problems? I've seen this problem in version 12.0b, and it was fixed in 12.0c (for Windows) In case you aren't aware of it, the people at Hash are fixing problems and releasing new versions very frequently. It's always a good idea to download and install the latest update for your version of A:M. For v11.1 and earlier you need to go to the Hash FTP to find the latest version: ftp://ftp.hashmirror.com/pub/updates/ For v12.0 and v13.0 there is a forum where WillP announces new version as they become available: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showforum=2 The latest version of v12.0, v+, should not have these problems as it's well tested by now. V13 on the other hand is quite new, so if you already have the latest version and still get the problem you should file a bug report in the A:M Reports: http://www.hash.com/reports/main_page.php
  4. JoakimL

    cd library

    You can find it on the A:M cd. Look in the "[Drive letter]:\Data\Libraries" folder, and you will find the "Hash CD Library.lbr" file, which is what you're looking for. I strongly recommend that you copy the whole "Data" folder to you harddrive instead of accessing it from the cd. It's much faster to access from the harddrive. /Joakim
  5. If I understand the problem right: Select all the cps. In the properties window, locate the "Scale" settings. They read 100% in x, y and z. Set y to zero, and hit return. That brings all the cps to the same y coordinate.
  6. There is a european distributor here: http://www.3d-animation.at He doesn't have AM2006 yet, but it should arrive eventually. No extra taxes or import duties inside the EU, so the price you see is what you pay:) /Joakim
  7. Do you have the latest version installed? It should be v12.0q http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19350. I tried dragging the stage into a choreography, and it didn't cause any problems for me. I have seen the problem you speak of in an earlier version. (not the stage model, but the same error) It was fixed in an update. (I tried doing it from the CD, and it worked fine aswell) /Joakim
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