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  1. Thanks, OpenGL3 didn't crash, I switched to OpenGL because there was a display issue but forgot what.
  2. I have tried both 32 bit & 64 bit, new project / old project. the latest 18.0e crash. Someone please try it?
  3. Hi Rodney, everyone. I do children's book and education related multimedia, I think it is the role you want in the entire 3d process or may not need video animation just still redering or assemble in Flash. Anyone can learn 3d, only some can paint. A good model is followed by proper decal and lighting, texturing is the most tedious. Depending on how serious you are to achieve the goal, if it is career oriented, you have to consider team work. I have found A:M to be the most versatile because you can design your own work flow, create your own module as I am doing. Not with the SDK but artist's tools within A:M. reusable content that cater for your day to day work, I can merge 2.5d spline patch drawings with 3d body parts just to meet the deadline. The fact is, no simple answer to such question, use it as you like and when you have reach the level where you can handle the software, you can do more then what is meant to do. By the way Rodney, I am looking for the tutorial to the latest feature since ver.12 such as: SSS, terrain... thanks!
  4. filipmun

    swf export

    Well, older version 1.1 works half way but serial number incorrect for version 1.4 Is Marcel still provide support? I was so exited when I upgrade AM and hope to introduce it to my clients & friends who is in the multimedia community. Thanks anyway, I'll just wait and learn the HAMR first. With luck, I want that AM paint too! He He waiting for my bonus!
  5. filipmun

    swf export

    Hi, I have been away for too long, just upgraded AM2007 and found that am2Flash undesirable, is there a bug fix? This thread not working: Animation:Master HTML Help Files Hey Rodney, I suppose you know best. Thanks. Philip
  6. Does anyone know if am2swf can export splines to vector line? Thanks.
  7. There is not straight forward technique, the idea is to be able to do both at one go but model structure in spline must accomodate for this purpose. There are simpler method like for instance; instead of building a complete joint model, the extruded part is an individual piece and blend into the body using alpha transparency. the most tricky part is the decal, you can chose to tweek the center parting bias handle to verticle so that texture does not stretch thus eliminate the need for an extra center texture map. The other is to make both the left and right parts unconnected and put them close to each other, but need pay attention to these area during animation. To turn this into polygon model, you need an application which allow vertice to weld without compromise the UV map. Generally, if you are fluent in both spline and poly modeling, there should be no problem but is it really necessary to create two types of model? I did this is because I want to paint in Zbrush and animate in AM and deploy into VRML for realtime 3d PDF or web browser. Now that web HAMR is on the way, it will solve this problem. I am trying to create a texturing module with AM so that I don't have to rely on Zbrush ( Composing decals with segments of texture is far easier and reusable rather than actually painting them bit by bit, we have evrything we need in AM to create high qualiy imaging and animation.
  8. I forgot how to asign a fixed distortion cage to a model, anyone know please advise. This is to be able to use the cage in conjunction with bones. Thanks
  9. Thanks Rodney, At this point I am using the personal edition of Kaon Vspace Master to publish in pdf where all other functions such as animation is omited, only the Java 3d web display is animated but limited to object orientations not for characters. So the most I can thing of using it is to allow instant 3d for 2d artist and my 3d-ebook is not for the sake of 3d in fact it will contain more interactive prerendered gif where 3d display is the last part. Example; mouse over a series of animated thumbnails to simulate actions is more fun. I will update here when the first example page is done.
  10. Thank you John, I have received your email.
  11. I have the programe with me but there is no installation intruction, can some one tell me where to put the files? Also what is the payment processor that sent the password? Could not locate the email.
  12. Very good question heyvern, I have been waiting to answer this flat model issue, this is a polygon modeler advantage used particularly on tillable map geometries such as terrain. Everything start with a pre-UV mapped simple plane or cube, clone to multi copies weld into shapes. As for characters, the base model is a pre-mapped half a cube, adding more geometries will automatically update the UV mesh, this means you only map once or progressively on protruding parts, when modeling is done, UV mesh is ready to texture. Models that are meant for different usage has specific requirements, my work flow may be troblesom but I am meeting these rules so that they serve better as a reusable assets, non software dependent. By the way, I have the proper model uploaded, it is in the Object window so you can rig in Action as usual. Thank you so much for taking the time to review my work.
  13. Thank you all, Rodney you are right, I have made the text single color, thought it will spice up the page at first, Mary (my graphic design assistant) who have been doing too much children's product is not liking it. As for the 3d pdf, well I have made it a download rather than open directly, it only took me 30sec to open but the server is in Asia and that its a high res material at present time, the actual publication will have a low res Java 3d display and that Hi-Res is only meant for 2D artist. Heyvern, I get what you mean and yes I agree with you, the reason I build the model flat is because that is what happen in a polygon modeler, they don't have Action that can be used to decal/pose, so when I import the geometry, it is in the Object window. The best thing to do from now is to build everything in AM and export to others, Hash is superior. Aren't we proud to be a Hasher!?
  14. heynern, look at the shape of the lion UV mesh and you'll notice that it does not resemble the animal shape in fact, it is square looking for all body parts. (Unwrap paper box packaging) Why square? not Irregular? That is what makes it dual purpose; Game & raytrace, AM spline UV mesh is curved while polygon UV is straight edges only. It would be very difficult to rearrange them into square or not possible at all, this is one of the key factors to streamline texture maps for cross format and I would agree with you to decal in Action if UV editing tool is as good as modeling, also you will not notice if you are painting the texture in a 2d program. A great part of the process is to accomodate model & UV map optimization, not to mention any part could go wrong and require fixing, certaintly, there are rooms for improvement. I have uploaded the OBJ version in low and medium resolutions: http://www.3d-assets.info/images/3d%20rendering/index.htm Rodney, I realized that only a few of us is keen to explore everything 3d has to offer, in the future, there will be more realtime 3d contents which does not require a 3d application or plugin installed. 3D PDF is based on JAVA and you can view in a browser, example is at: http://www.3d-assets.info/3d-ebook/index.htm there is a small java 3d display and click the 3d pdf to launch Acrobat reader, you can rotate pan & zoom. Let me post a new question, how many AM users hope to become a 3d professional some day? Do you think e-products can sustain with just still images or pre-rendered videos? Some form of interactivity is a must, currently Flash has meet the demand, what is next? Our dictionary used to be just text then sketches, color illstrations, photo and 3d will be next, imagine 3d enriched encyclopedia. Everything has a begining, who ever started it is not relevant, it will take a few life times to document the real world into virtual reality, why not us. I am literally giving away my models (knowledge & Experience) by allowing free resell, just continue to buy me a burger and you'll have my entire collection from now on But I am retired and will only produce a few base models a month, you are welcome to improve and re-develop from mine. The future belongs to the younger generation.
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