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  1. Hi Rodney, everyone. I do children's book and education related multimedia, I think it is the role you want in the entire 3d process or may not need video animation just still redering or assemble in Flash. Anyone can learn 3d, only some can paint. A good model is followed by proper decal and lighting, texturing is the most tedious. Depending on how serious you are to achieve the goal, if it is career oriented, you have to consider team work. I have found A:M to be the most versatile because you can design your own work flow, create your own module as I am doing. Not with the SDK but artist's tools within A:M. reusable content that cater for your day to day work, I can merge 2.5d spline patch drawings with 3d body parts just to meet the deadline. The fact is, no simple answer to such question, use it as you like and when you have reach the level where you can handle the software, you can do more then what is meant to do. By the way Rodney, I am looking for the tutorial to the latest feature since ver.12 such as: SSS, terrain... thanks!
  2. Well, older version 1.1 works half way but serial number incorrect for version 1.4 Is Marcel still provide support? I was so exited when I upgrade AM and hope to introduce it to my clients & friends who is in the multimedia community. Thanks anyway, I'll just wait and learn the HAMR first. With luck, I want that AM paint too! He He waiting for my bonus!
  3. Hi, I have been away for too long, just upgraded AM2007 and found that am2Flash undesirable, is there a bug fix? This thread not working: Animation:Master HTML Help Files Hey Rodney, I suppose you know best. Thanks. Philip
  4. I forgot how to asign a fixed distortion cage to a model, anyone know please advise. This is to be able to use the cage in conjunction with bones. Thanks
  5. Here are some of the contents in my 3d-ebook which also comes in OBJ other than Prj. The project is a free at my website.
  6. Hi, I was looking for IK chain setup and could not find how to rig the thom, its for us to use but not for us to learn? Your shoulder rig at least gave me some clear steps of the process for soft joint but I stop doing rig, Hash is only for modeling to me now.
  7. Great site, glad to see some one is selling AM models, I almost did the same but gave up after considering the odds and go for another kind of venture.
  8. I thought the 2005 CD is already shiping? Anyhow, if its there for free, you can use it anyway you want. If I have the time, I'll upload some of the old models too.
  9. Here is my gold fish prj, finally got a website. There are also free models in obj if you are interested. http://www.3darchive.info/free_models.htm
  10. Here is how you can bake multiple stamps of decals into one, this can reduce the file size and if meant for polygon render, you need to crease all cp as if UVW mesh.
  11. Here is the same model in OBJ, edited and rendered in Carrara-3. I do have some transparency/alpha problem with this program though, yet to rectify.
  12. As requested by Andy, Here is an example of making models for both spline and poly, you can have the best of both world if you are prepared for it. That means you have to find out the poly program you use is compatible when dealing with .OBJ, I use several and found that not all behave the same, so its trial and error. Below is a comparison of the two, first is the spline with no hooks nor 5 point patch, after decal and export in .OBJ then increase spline geometry and re-stamp.
  13. I will gather some free models by end of the year and sent it to Hash free model section, they are likely to be in a project where all the textures are included. The scales are mapped to a cyclinder and shaped to resamble the body curvature and rendered out as grey scale (bump).
  14. Real huh! its the background, a photo from the web. DarkLimit, I think I remember you from Renderosity, very persistent with fishes yourself;) My modeling and texturing method have changed lately, there are dual, poly and spline including textures too. Multiple decals can then baked into one, this is achieved by decalling in the modeling window and render the stretched UVmesh as a single decal. In a way you will have to create seperate parts and blend with transparency map.
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