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  1. In general it depends on what you are trying to build from it. Is it only a round object without any attachments? Than 4 can be fine.
    6 is pretty uncommon if you ask me (in general it should be divideable by 4 because that makes it easier to work with on the axis evenly).
    For really round objects in close up situations go with 8 or higher.

    If you plan to attach something to it (for instance you want to attach an arm to a torso or something) you will likly be more happy with 8 or 12.
    It is all about the structure of the splines / patches / CPs.

    For better understanding you can have a look at this tutorial which should give you an idea about the structure topic (especially interesting: Starting 15:30): https://www.patchwork3d.de/basics-of-patch-modelling-80-en

    Best regards


  2. Hi Robert,

    ah I see... yes that is pretty much fine... 4.7 GHz is more or less max if you are not doing a overclock by hand... sometimes it can go higher than that even, but in general 4.7 to 4.9 is the max.
    I am not sure what is causing the above 25% but that seems to be normal. Maybe it is about refreshing the windows or switching between cores or something.
    But it is constantly going below that again after a short while. I think only Steffen could answer that, but it is very likely just some kind of overhead like that.

    Best regards

  3. I am using Windows 10 with the default powermanegement.

    Anyway it would only be one core or thread no matter what and I doubt Windows is going to throttle that CPU because of about 6% usage at most ;).
    The 5900x is a 12-core / 24-threads CPU. I asked Steffen recently to see if there is a reason why there are only 12 render slaves with netrender available currently if you have a 12-core CPU (I seem to remember it was the thread count not the core count and maybe it would be good to have 1 or 2 threads for net renderer to manage the others) but lets see what he says about that.

    I re-did the test now and it seems to be pretty consistent even with using the Camera settings as the output.
    This time it took version 15j+ to complete it: 3:26. (within margin of error I would say). CPU went up to around 4,7 GHz on one of the cores but I did not exactly get the right time for the screenshot ;).
    Interestingly it seems like the computer switched the threads at the begining. It maybe that those are "the best" cores he is switching between. (that is a normal thing. The CPUs are going to be messured by the system and than there is a core which is marked "best" and one that is "second best" which are going to do most of the single-core usage because they are the fastest for that kind of task.

    Best regards


  4. I just downloaded v15j+ (32bit) and got these results with it. It is between 03:24-03:30 for the teapot benchmark.
    Hopefully I got everything right and compareable with the render settings, because that version has not yet the feature to import render preset files.

    It is a little bit hard to compare anything like that because: Yes of cause, the software is much faster today but the reason for that is the processor itself too. If for instance the new processor has a new instruction set like SSE4.2 it can be used by the software if it is implemented.

    But how to weigh that in? Is it possible because the software is supporting more or because the hardware has involved and is better?
    I'd say it is both. Anyway I think 3:30 is still pretty nice for such an old version.

    Best regards


  5. Today I updated my CPU to a new AMD Ryzen 9 5900x with a new Mainboard (Asus Prime B550 Plus) and wanted to see how much that will help with rendering in A:M.

    The result:

    • It is about 1.7x faster for single-core 180p rendering time:
      My AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at around 19:12 with 180p single, the new 5900x is at 11:19.
    • The rendertime for 360p single-core:
      AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at 1h 17m 23s, the 5900x is at 45m 21s
    • ...and of cause the 5900x has even more cores (12 core vs 8 cores) and does quite much better there too:
      AMD Ryzen 7 1700 was at 38m 34s, the 5900x is at 26m 17s.

    But why isn't it even doing better with 12 cores then 8 cores (here it only gets up to about 1.5x as fast)?
    Simple answer: The newer versions of A:M do not allow to use all threads but only cores at the moment. So I can only render with 12 instances while I rendered with 14 with the 1700 here.

    Short answer: The 5900x is pretty much a beast of a thing and it is much faster than my 1700... not exactly cutting it half but :).

    Best regards




  6. I am pretty sure that nobody has a big interest in you not getting your dose (at least if you are not participating in a blind study). ;)
    Let us know how you feel...

    It might need some time too. My Dad got Morderna (1. shot) and it took right around 12 days to really kick in for him and he was short breathed and felt less energized then normally for a couple of days. I think between 5-14 days is pretty normal and some just do not feel it at all.

    Best regards

  7. I tried for a very long time to bring Affinty photo to run on my computer and laptop and the short answer is:
    Nope... it is very much trouble for many people out there as far as I understand it... just a very bad port from the Mac to the PC and it pretty much does not work for many people.

    I just stopped trying to get it to run. It just did not work out for me... I am not sure if they have trouble with anything but NVIDIA graphics or if it is about intel CPUs or something like that but it just did not work out.

    Best regards

  8. I currently own 3x 3d printers... one for PLA (Makerbot 2), one of ABS and PLA with two print heads, heated plate and so on (Makerbot 2x) and one is a resin printer (Elegoo Mars) but I constantly find myself going back to the PLA machine because it really is the most reliable and easy to use one... I just put it on, press print and in 95% it just does what it should do at the first try... in my experience PLA is pretty much on par with the ABS for most purposes while being less stinky, easier to handle and has a lot less shrinking and is much more predictable when cooling down. The only thing is, that it is a little less flexible. (depends on the case if that is good or bad)

    I do not see why I should Autodesk for the modeling. A:M does what I need very nicely and I really do not like Autodesk interfaces (or their business behaviour...)

    But I would say: Whatever suits you best to use your 3d printer: Just use it. :)

    Best regards

  9. Hi everybody,

    I think everybody knows that and it just recently drove me nuts again... this small little stand for keyboards which break and a totally fine keyboard is just no longer pleasant to be used and you would need to throw it away which is totally wasteful if you ask me...

    So I bought a thousands of dollar 3d printer and printed something out to get over tha... ;)
    Not really... it has been used in many, many instances like that over the last 7 years or so and I think it should be fine today especially if you count in the fun I had with it ;).

    Here is the result and the broke part in an very macro version which does exactly what it should :).
    I am currently not printing on my SLP machine but my FDM machine, because it uses isopropanol (one of the best sanatisers) and while it produces much smoother results, most parts are not that durable with it anyway, which in this case is what I was aiming for. So even so it is pretty small, it printed nice enough even with 300 micro layerheight (I could go smaller to about 100 microns, but that isn't really making it better for the purpose, just longer to print and harder to get a good result out).

    More can be seen here:



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  10. That just means, that your Firewall/Anti Virus/Windows Firewall is blocking it for whatever reason.
    I'll just download it for you and zip compress it. Have a look if you can download this one.

    I would say that you might want to put hash.com on your whitelist if it really does this.
    Sometimes they just put it in a blacklist because of "hash" in the URL for instance or in case of Microsoft security software, because Microsoft just wants to push the Microsoft store.

    Best wishes


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