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    1.8ghz 512m ram, dual 933mhz 1g ram, dual 800mhz 1g ram...building a renderfarm.

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  1. Hi Richard, thank you. Yes, I tried using all of the different constraint types. None of them really recreate the same behavior you would get if you were able to parent a camera to a null (making the camera the child) within the choreography. So my second attempt was to create a model that uses a camera parented to a bone for the rig . But I couldn't access the camera freely .....ah..that's it! I didn't have the red cross removed to access the choreography entry. Thank you Richard. Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  2. Hi guys, I was going through a great book called "Matchmoving" the Invisible Art of Camera Tracking. The first tutorial has you parent a camera to a null as a simple camera rig in 3d. So you move the null to control the camera. Now I'm using version 13 of Animation Master. It seems as though I'd have to create a model that has a camera in the model to do that. But this type of camera does not seem accessible once you drop it into the choreography like the default camera is. You can't delete the default camera and have this camera with a rig take over from there either. Perhaps I'm just doing it wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions on parenting objects in the choreography/and or creating camera rigs in Animation Master? On top of doing this Matchmoving stuff I would also want to create different camera rigs to better control the types of shots I'm getting. If you've seen the making of 'Monster House' they've done some amazing things with cg camera rigs to recreate realistic camera motion. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  3. Dhar, well done!! I truly enjoyed watching that. Very very cool. Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  4. Satyajit, keep doing your thing man! I watched the animation wip. It is going to be fantastic when it's done. Kudos! Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  5. Cute character. Nicely animated. Very charming. Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  6. Hi Noah, Kudos on your Bubble Gum Crisis film!!! I'm sure your next project is also going to be amazing! Go get'em kid!!! Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  7. Stain you ROCK!!! Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  8. Alright here's a screenshot of Beauty and the Brute before the clothes. Frank Silas
  9. Added the changes for more torso detail. Tweaked his body some more. I think I'm finally ready to do clothes for both Beauty and the Brute. I'll post progress for that also. I think the clothes may actually be harder than the body modelling, with the exception of the modelling the heads. Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  10. Mike, thanks! MMZ_TimeLord, I'll add that tonight. Thank for all the crits and input. Jon, you are right! I'll fix that. I started using some reference of Arnold Schwarzenegger and your nipple width discription matches what I'm looking at. Thanks. :-) Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  11. Still adding muscle and underlaying bone detail to torso. Getting ready to add rib cage detail. Frank Silas
  12. MMZ_TimeLord, got some reference. Made the changes you suggested. I think I need some rib cage area detail now. Zaryin, yep collar bones were comming. I still need to add more muscle detail. Any comments or crits are welcome and needed. Thanks guys here's the latest screenshot, Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  13. MMZ_TimeLord, I agree with all your assessments in that last post. Here's the quarter view you requested. Thanks for the feedback. I need to use some reference. Paul Forwood, Hi Paul...no it's not a parody on Beauty and the Beast, except maybe the title. I don't want to give away too much as to what the setup is until I post the environment that they are in to this thread, but I will say that they are Pirates! Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
  14. And here's that shot of the girl with long hair in wire frame. Frank Silas http://www.franksilas.com
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