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  1. Hi Paul There is thomething i don't understand!!!I am bad! I will see that tommorow with my french friends !!! Thanks
  2. Hi I'm sorry!! Here the good link http://am.francophone.free.fr/galerie/Mich...in%20Azgane.mov i think...perhaps! Thanks
  3. It is good! I have try it!!!
  4. Hi paul Here is perhaps the good link... http://am.francophone.free.fr/main.htm go after to Galerie and for end Anmations!!
  5. Hi all the family and all !!! Here is a link for the animation for TSM2 that i have do! I hope you should like it! : http://am.francophone.free.fr/galerie/Michel Estival/images/Anzovin Azgane.mov ( Clic on this link, and after "Galerie " and for end "Animation"...Yes!Yes!) I have do it with the character rigged of TSM2 that i have win with the Centor. Michel ESTIVAL http://estival.michel.free.fr http://www.artactif.com/indexE/estival.htm Here is a short state on me... My name is Michel ESTIVAL, painter. I use Animation Master since 2001. This is my first animation of a character, and i think that TSM2 is a very good product for do this! It is fast and easy to use. Rigging a character with TSM2 become a play of children. Michel ESTIVAL http://estival.michel.free.fr http://www.artactif.com/indexE/estival.htm
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