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  1. hello, do you have an example of the same scene calculated with AM and blender and the corresponding times? Thanks
  2. hello, rendering with blender ?
  3. Hello, I am a " former( older ? )" (15 years) French user of AM. I followed the evolution of other interesting 3D software (3dsmax, carrara, blender, ...). Blender is becoming a major player in the 3D world, but I remember that Animation Master had great potential a few years ago. Its only major weakness was the slowness of its rendering. When we see the new rendering engines such as Arnold, octane, cycles, eevee, and many others! has it adapted to this development? I plan to reuse this software that I like by its very logical structure but with its protection system by machine key, I cannot test the trial version (windows problem?) Do you have opinions, advice or reflections on this subject? thank you in advance teo ( olivier turbet ) Art / Motion Designer
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