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  1. In relation to “a key for each cp”, I meant that each cp can have a number of keyed positions if I’ve moved it at say, bone rotation angle 25, 45, 90 degrees of rotation. The cp will have a key at each of those angles, so three.
  2. Okay. Thanks. Then I will need to go the long route of multiple clicking to get each key for each cp I guess. And.. I wonder if I am missing something: when I click on a cp in the relation window so I can identify it in the project workspace, it doesn’t select it there.. is this right?
  3. I am wanting to edit smartskin cp keys like key frames on a timeline, in order to manipulate their position, or delete them as a group that is related to a bone rotation angle. Is this possible?
  4. Can I use smartskin on a bone that is part of a kinematic chain?
  5. I will reply to my own question. All fixed. I could have sworn I turned of the snapping button several times. oh well, all is good now.
  6. While working away, my new spline creation suddenly started snapping to the grid. I can’t get rid of this behaviour. Editing is fine, it’s just upon creating new control points. it’s making things difficult. Do I have to reinstall AM?
  7. I am wondering if there is a way to add a row of splines between two other rows without having to hand stitch it.
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