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  1. Hi! I renewed my annual A:M subscription yesterday... how long does it normally take to get the activation stuff? Thanks, Rusty
  2. Rob, I'm working on it. It's I'm sure skill more then application, LOL. Rusty Ru
  3. Thanks John! I'll look them over! Rusty
  4. Okay, I'm trying to improve on this prototype. Rusty
  5. No scene in mind. Just toying around. Rusty
  6. Nah. Just trying to make smoke and fire against a transparent background I can drop into any scene. Tried in AE but can't get anything as real what A;M can do. I have videos....no tutorials but videos and project files... hard to pour over at times. Rusty PS: My experiment with sprites just fell downward, LOL. Needs work!
  7. Hi Rob! Fire and smoke...as realistic as possible. As I recall A:M does it pretty good. TaOam? Oh, The Art... I have that book somewhere. No video tuts (my eyes aren't that good anymore, LOL)? Thanks, Rusty PS: I'm going through old A:M tutorials I have on disk and CD...might get lucky.
  8. Hello, Does anyone know of any tutorials on particle smoke and/or fire? Thanks! Rusty
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