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  1. @ John Bigboote will do! I'll let you guys know when I make progress. @Rodney One more thing do I need to install a specific application, cause the one I have won't open the files you sent me Is there something wrong? What application should they run on?
  2. @ John Bigdoote can you please send me a link to that Knight that you were talking about. I couldn't find it. Also for the mini-model you can easily do it at home. all you need is transparency sheets, if you don't have one you can use the plastic that covered your Iphone 6S when you bought it. You know the one that you take it off right when you buy a brand new phone and it's the best feeling in the world taking it off the screen. Once you have the plastic you then: 1. cut 4 trapezoids each with dimensions of (short side of 1cm, longest side of 6 cm, diagonal should be 4.5 cm if you use the previous measurements) 2. tape them together having the short sides making a blank square at the base of the pyramid. 3. and that's it! (i've attached an image of what mine looks like) you can use my video to test it if you want cause I know it works for sure. Just remember to keep at your eye-level, so either put it on top of a table and sit in a small chair or lift your phone up with your hands. Also i suggest you do it in you bathroom since it's probably the darkest place in a house. The more dark it is the more neat the videos are. Hope that Helps enjoy and please send me the link if you can
  3. IMG_0007.mp4@ John Bigboote Yeah the links that Rodney posted pretty much sums up what we did. I've attached the actual video in case you are all curious to see what was all about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUYJ-TsAvZc&index=3&list=LLIZzuy49bPabL26I5vkwDCg *note the video is in 4 sides because that's how we need it to be presented in order to project with the pyramid hologram. Also the video has a small story that we developed that is basically a metaphorical journey of a knight (our grade) going though high school and finishing school, if you watch it it will make sense and you'll understand anyways I'm looking for someone to help me with these animations, because i personally can only do some editing, but in terms of animation i'm still a newbie. that's why i joined this site to learn some stuff, but even then it's still complicated for me. If anyone is willing to spare some time to help me with my plans that I have for this I'd appreciate. I can tell you that these plans are quite exciting
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Henrique and I was fascinated by all the animations that were built from the users of this site. A few months ago I created one of the pyramid hologram projectors and tested a few animations as a sample on my phone, then I showed it to the physics club at my school, but this time I made the pyramid fit for the size of a tablet, once again using some of the animations of this site. I then decided to take that further and enlarged the pyramid even more, however this time I made it fit for a 46 inch Tv screen and I created a video of our own to present it to my class during our Graduation ceremony. After receiving high positive reception from parents and students, me an my colleagues are prepared to take a step even further with this idea. However to make this work we need to have a more professional animation, one that won’t make it seem like a high school project, and here’s where I need help, knowing that most of you have experience with this, as seen by the comment section and your beautifully designed concepts, I was wondering if you would be wiling to spare some time to help with this project of mine that I have in mind. if you want to know more details of my plans, please reply to me when you’re interested in being a part of our project. Have a great day everyone!
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