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  1. Hi Malo It was case B, connecting those splines smoothed the model right out, eliminating the creases, right-on. Now for the arms. Thanks again for the help. til later earthquake
  2. Hi Malo You're right, the vertical spline is through and through, but the horizontal spline ends at the CP, check image: How do I fix this, how can I join the horizontal spline at that CP? Do I need to join the horizontal splines together before I attach it to the vertical splines CP? Thanks for all of your help. until later earthquake
  3. Hi Rob I think I finally have the hooks figured out, check this image and let me know: Thanks for all your help.
  4. Hi All Thanks Malo, cool trick. Here is the latest version of the model, looking better: and here is a shaded wire-frame of the new splines, I've reduced the splines of the body by at least 75%: I'm still having bias problems: Before I tweak every spline, one at a time, does anyone know any tricks to either tweak, or default the entire splines bias at once? Does less patches equal less rendering time? On a caricature model do you need to have all splines interconnected, or can you have, say a sheave and stick a hand in it with just the splines crossing? Or will the model break up when you animate it that way? This is a model I built in that other program, around 13k polys: I think the next model I build in A:M will be another hotrod. I can see it with 1500 patches or less, with the same detail. Thanks, Your help is greatly appreciated. until later earthquake
  5. Hi All Sometimes I have to get kicked in the head a couple times before I get it, but I think I understand hooks OK now. I reduced the vertical splines in my models head by at least 50% and it now looks pretty good, or at least better. Here is a pict of the new model: And here is pict of the repaired splines: I haven't repaired the body yet, but I'll post a pict here when I'm done. HomeSlice, thanks for the info on the bias controls, I can see it will save me alot of time in the future. I used a program that uses polys in the past and to make barts head would take 2000 plus polys to look decent. This is one of my first caricatures, I mainly have built mechanical objects In that other program. I would like to thank you all for the info and quick response. until later Thanks earthquake
  6. Thanks for all the quick feedback. I'll start reducing the splines by half on the head to start, the head is the hardest part. Can you sagest a good tut on hooks. something more dedicated to hooks than the giraffe tut. til later Thanks earthquake
  7. Hi HomeSlice After reading more threads on splines, I can see you are right. I'm going to reduce the vertical splines to start with, should I reduce them by half or two thirds, what would you recommend? How do I determine if the biases are alpha or gamma and how can I change them if needed? Thanks in advance for any info..
  8. Hi All I'm working on a model and I can't get the splines to act right. The spline fallows the curve right between the CPs but in some places between 2 CPs the curve flips, like in this image: and you end up with divots where I don't want them, as in this image: I only have 2 = 3 point patches and 2 straight splines. All other patches are 4 point. Here is an image of the splines: I've tried to refind normals, I selected one of these weird splines and tried to flip the normal and I tried using the smooth tool, all with no effect. This model looks OK with the toon shader turned on: but I'm trying to use him as a standard 3d caricature, not a toon. Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong and what I can do about it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm using 15g, if that matters. Thanks earthquake
  9. Hi All I got it to work. I deleted the bone and its relationship in the project workspace, added a new bone and reassigning the bone. Sorry for my stupidity and thanks for all your ideas. until later Thanks earthquake
  10. It's impossible to say what you did to get the wrong result without watching you or seeing it in action but the solution is simple... reassign the CPs that are not supposed to move with the finger to the bones they are supposed to be assigned to. I save versions of my model frequently while I am working so I can easily back out of mistakes I make. Another possible reason they are moving oddly is that you have a bone hierarchy mistake. Perhaps the finger bone has been accidentally made a parent of bones it should not be a parent of. Hi I save often to, but not often enough, apparently. I checked and the bone and it is the end of the hierarchy. I can post the model if it will help. Thanks
  11. I'm not sure why you needed to turn the palm up in the model since you could do that when animating. However, if you ever do need to move some mesh in the model and not leave the bones behind, you can select the bone in bones mode, turn on the Rotate, Scale or Translate manipulator and hold down the ctrl key while you use the manipulator. the mesh will move with that bone. Hi I tried rotating the hand in the animation and the sleeve looked like a twisted dishrag. I need the hand under a guitar and the fingers to work different than the original rigging. I was selecting the CPs to be assigned to the bone and somehow a bunch of unrelated CPs were selected. When I curl the finger the hole model curls. I tried selecting another bone and going back to the problem bone and no change. I tried removing the bone from the others, but the detach bones tool isn't active. Any other suggestions? Thanks earthquake
  12. Hi I tried reselecting the CPs and it didn't release the CPs from the bone? I know you can do that in modeling mode, but it doesn't seem to work for me in bones mode. Thanks
  13. Hi All This is probably a dumb question, but I can't seem to find the answer. How do I deselect control points when rigging a model. I'm re-rigging the pink piggies hand, I needed the palm to face up. I turned the hand up and am trying to re-rig the hand. Some how when I selected the middle finger end bone and the nearby control points, most of the models control points were also selected. Now I can't figure out how to keep the finger control points selected while deselecting the rest of the control points. I've looked through the TAOAM.pdf and the TECHREF.pdf files and can't find the answer. I'm sure it's probably easy, but it's driving me crazy. If you have the answer, please, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks earthquake
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