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  1. Awesome! We're famous!!! Thanks Gene
  2. Hey Gene, thanks for the comment on my youtube channel. Sure is gettin tough now This is looking awesome!!! Can't wait to watch it in all it's glory. How far into it are you? Any plans to enter it into any competitions? Take it easy mate
  3. Hey man...coming along nicely Hopefully this link will take you to where I last posted the zip file. I had a quick look around my computer for it but I gotta dash off to work Bah. Anyway...lookin forward to seeing what you do with him
  4. Looking great Gene. Hmm...looks like you might be in need of a tortoise or two?
  5. Man...that was cool! Can't wait to see how this turns out. Great job Gene
  6. Hey man, I love your work! One thing I would say though is that the hot dog guys face looks too chiselled from the front. I love how fat he looks in the side view. I'd probably lose the definition in the chin and the cheek bones. Just my two cents.
  7. Wow! Simply stunning model Stian! Its been amazing to see it progress so far. Can't wait to see the final model. I agree with Paul...I'd love to see a turnaround
  8. Man...that is freakin awesome!!! Its like a Bob Ross painting How did you do the earth? Is it a material or some kinda decal?
  9. Yeah...I guess it would. Perhaps not much more than decalling? Probably better to get an answer from one of the experts up in here. I don't know that much I'm afraid. Maybe a material or a displacment map might be the way to go without taking too much render time?
  10. Looking good! Have you thought about using a hair material?
  11. Happy Birthday Stian! Have an awesome day!
  12. Happy (*ahem*...belated) Birthday Paul!!! Hope you had a great one!
  13. Hi everyone. I've made a short 2D animation of a sneaky walk that I want to use as a rotoscope in A:M. Its saved as a MOV file and I tried to import it as a rotoscope but it only shows the first frame. How can i get the full 71 frames in? I'm sure its something reeaaalllllllyyy obvious, but I can't seem to get it to work. Please help
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